Hue Flag Tower (Kỳ Đài) In The Imperial Citadel

Hue Flag Tower- Culture Pham Travel


Located in the complex of Hue Imperial Citadel, the Hue flag tower has attracted a lot of tourists to visit. Associated with the ups and downs throughout history along with the unique beauty of architecture, Kỳ Đài Hue deserves to be the most impressive cultural tourist relic of the ancient capital.

Hue Flag Tower- Culture Pham Travel

Hue Flag Tower History

Ky Dai was built in the 6th Gia Long year ( in 1807) at the same time as the citadel was built. During the reign of Minh Mang, the Flag Tower of Hue was renovated in 1829, 1831, and 1840.

Hue Flag Tower- Culture Pham Travel

The Flag Tower Functions

During the Nguyen Dynasty, on all occasions of important ceremonies, and patrolling, until urgent cases, there were flags. On the top of the flagpole, there is also an observation station called Vong Dau. Occasionally, the guards had to climb up to Vong Dau to use the telescope to observe the shore.

Hue Flag Tower- Culture Pham Travel
Hue Flag Tower- Culture Pham Travel

During the period from 1945 to 1975, Hue Monument also witnessed many changes in history with the flag-raising times. Currently, on the top of the flagpole is the red flag with a yellow star of Vietnam fluttering in the air.

Hue Flag Tower Architecture

The flag tower of Hue Citadel consists of two main parts: the flag tower and the flagpole.

Hue Flag Tower- Culture Pham Travel
Hue Flag Tower Architecture

The flag tower consists of 3 layers of truncated tops stacked on top of each other. The first floor has a height of more than 5.5m, the 2nd floor is about 6m high, and the 3rd floor is over 6m high.

The total height of the flagpole section is about 17.5m. To the left of Ky Dai, there is a small way to go up. At the top of each floor, there is a 1m railing is built, decorated with hollow flower bricks as well as a rainwater drainage system. Previously there were two watchtowers and eight cannons.

The flagpole was formerly made of wood but later changed into iron pipes. However, after a long time of being ravaged by war, the flagpole was replaced by iron with a total height of 37m. This is also one of the beautiful photography locations in Hue with shimmering “virtually live” photos.

The best way to visit

It is free of charge to visit Hue Flag Tower but normally, tourists never just visit Ky Dai Hue. Located in the complex of Hue Imperial Citadel, tourists always visit Hue Imperial Citadel, Royal City, and Forbidden City. The best way to explore this fabulous area is to book the Hue Imperial City Walking tour.

Hue Flag Tower- Culture Pham Travel

If you would like to maximize your time in Hue to visit Thien Mu Pagoda, and Hue Royal Tombs, you should book our Hue Group City Tour, Hue City Private Tour, or Hue city tour half day. Culture Pham Travel Tour guides will tell you a lot of valuable information about the Nguyen Dynasty and the royal life of Emperors, concubines as well as eunuchs.

Attractions nearby the flag tower of Hue.

Nine Holy Cannons

Enter the complex of Hue Imperial Citadel, you will be impressed by the Nine Holy Cannons of the Nguyen Dynasty. As you know, Nguyen Dynasty was the last monarchy in Vietnam lasting 143 years from 1802 to 1945. The Nguyen dynasty has left us valuable legacies that show the power of the emperors as well as determine their position in Southeast Asia.

The Nine holy cannons Hue is such obvious evidence to prove it. Our local guide will tell you about its unique architecture as well as the function of the Nine Holy Cannons to the Citadel Fengshui.

The Noon Gate (Ngo Mon)

Ngo Mon Gate is also called the Noon Gate, an important entrance to the Hue Imperial Citadel complex. The Noon Gate Hue was only for the Emperors, and high-ranking civil and military servants to use in important ceremonies.

Hue Royal Theater

Duyet Thi Duong was built in the 7th year of Minh Mang (1826) on the old background of Thanh Phong Duong theater (1805). It is located in the Southeast corner of the Forbidden City, the Hue Imperial City. This is a royal theater dedicated to the Emperors, his royal relatives, the officials, and the envoys to enjoy art performances (mainly royal classical drama).

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