Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In Hue

Hue beaches- Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Hue

Not only famous for historical, sightseeing, and ecological areas, Hue is also well known as the paradise of wonderful beaches in Vietnam. enjoy the breaking and sunbathing on the most beautiful beaches of Hue this summer is the best idea. Let’s with Culture Pham Travel check them out!


1. Lang Co Beach Hue

Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Hue- Culture Pham Travel

From Hue city center about 70 km to the South; Lang Co beach in Lang Co Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the World. You should come here from April to July to enjoy the beauty of this romantic beach. With a great location, on the main highway to Da Nang. Lang Co beach is connected with Hai Van Pass to the South; the Eastern sea in the East, Lap An lagoon in the West, and Hue city in the North. You can reach this beautiful beach by train, by motorbike or by bus. Not only enjoy the long sandy beach, but tourists who come here also enjoy the fresh seafood as well as take part in some local activities like fishing, scuba diving as well as cuisine. It such the No.1 beautiful beaches in Hue.

2. Canh Duong Beach

Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Hue- Culture Pham Travel

Not far from Lang Co beach, you also can explore Canh Duong beach. As you know, Canh Duong beach is the new attraction appeal to both domestic and international tourists. Just 60 km from Hue city center, Canh Duong beach is at Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district near the Chan May port. To get to this wonderful beach, you just follow the main High way 1A then turn left around 7 km to reach the beach. What makes Canh Duong beach attracts backpackers, couples, big families visiting every day is its peaceful beauty with the fine white sand stretches, the casuarina trees shady, the clear blue sea … All create a poetic, beautiful natural landscape and become a favorite destination.

Explore Hue beaches, do not forget to join some great activities such as camping on the beach, go fishing, as well as immerse yourself in the entertainment space with exciting singing programs and group games on the long sandy beach. 

3. Ham Rong Beach


Traveling to Hue, one of the Hue beaches you will regret if you miss Ham Rong beach– a fairly newly discovered beach in Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc district. It is only 50 km from Hue city center, with a unique impression, somewhat wild, rustic creating its own beauty here. With the 6 km long yellow sandy beach, including 3 beaches Dam beach, Dong Duong, and Ham Rong.

Ham Rong beach has a poetic and idyllic feature, not too noisy, a large and small rocky surface covered with green moss pile up to create beautiful caves, creating a unique feature for this place. Moreover, In recent years, this site has been paying more attention to tourism services. As the catering services in the area are cheap, so it is especially suitable for young people who want to find the ideal place to relax and selfie in the summer.

4. Thuan An BeachThuan An beach- Culture Pham Travel

Just 15 km from Hue city, go along Pham Van Dong Street; turn right, go straight ahead so you can easily get to Thuan An. On the way to Thuan An beach Hue City, you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of Tam Giang Lagoon, local temples as well as rice paddy fields. The special things about Thuan An are the gentle waves, 12 km coastline, and the cleanness. Hue beaches.

A lot of people choose to come here from April to September to dispel the heat and especially can enjoy all the natural scenery from dawn to dusk. Renting tents and walking on the beach when the beautiful night falling on the beach is a great activity here.

5. Vinh Thanh Beach

Vinh Thanh Beach- Culture Pham Travel

Last but not least in the mos beautiful Hue beaches is the Vinh Thanh Beach. A fabulous seaside attraction with a quiet, wild and airy space makes tourists from inside and outside Vietnam would like to check it out. From central Hue city to Vinh Thanh beach only 30km, and you can get there by car or motorbike to experience the thrills and admire the beauty during the trip.

This Hue beautiful beach is the favorite address for those who are passionate about photography, and freedom. The natural scenery and bustling daily life of the locals; a lot of delicious and cheap seafood dishes as well making this place to be a vacation destination not to be missed this summer.

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