Hoi An Memories Show- The World Famous Show

Hoi An Memories Show- Culture Pham Travel

Hoi An Memory Show Introduction

Hoi An Memories Show has been known as the largest performance in Vietnam, compared to an Olympic Games opening ceremony. Visiting this show, you will be invited along a 400-year journey of Hoi An Ancient Town’s development. We are sure that you will find it hard to forget this wonderful experience in Hoi An.

Hoi An Memories Show- Culture Pham Travel

Memories Show of Hoi An

Memories Show of Hoi An is a World-class outdoor visual art show with a 3300-seat theater and more than 500 professional dancers and actors. The stage with 25.000 square meters looks like a Hollywood one.

Hoi An Memories Show- Culture Pham Travel

The performance takes Vietnamese traditional “Ao dai” as the main language combining with modern staging techniques to create a specific scenery state-of-the-art lighting technology and sound effects.

Everything is aimed to tell audiences about the historical journey of Hoi An more than four centuries ago with its bustling and charming beauty. The show is divided into 5 parts:

Part 1: Life – Hoi An Memories of the beginning

“Life” is a colorful picture of the daily activities in the life of Hoi An people in the past. There is an image of a girl weaving cloth skillfully with her hands and a charming smile on her face. She will be the one who would travel with audiences throughout 60 minutes of the journey. Then, creating a memorable image that will satisfy everyone at the last minute of the show.

Hoi An Memories Show- Culture Pham Travel

“Life” also includes a live performance of a light path with 100 girls wearing “ao dai”. The image of a new life simply begins in the happiness of a young couple. Also, the image of boys working passionately to erect houses for their family and build up their fishing career.

Modern sound and light techniques along with the careful investment from stage props to acting skills have helped the performance of “Life” be vividly reappeared with a meaningful message to all the audiences.

Part 2: Wedding – Hoi An Memories of Champa Culture Period.

The performance of “Wedding” has always left a deep impression in audiences’ hearts with the magnificent image of picking up the bride by elephants. There are hundreds of actors playing the role of Cham soldiers in luxurious dresses performing Champa dances during the ceremony. Also, there are enormous statues of elephants as well as a romantic bridge. Everything has clearly and charismatically portrayed a happy wedding of Huyen Tran Princess and King of Champa Land – Che Man.

Hoi An Ancient Town- Culture Pham Travel

Through the ceremony, Hoi An Memories Show wants the audiences to know more about the economic, political, and cultural of Hoi An in the Champa period. Also, to recreate the image of a bustling trading port of Chiem Cang Land in the 9th to 10th century.

Part 3: Boat and Sea – Hoi An Memories of vigorous changing period

The main message of the “Boat and Sea” performance is the transformation of Hoi An Ancient Town into a busy trading port of the 16th-17th centuries. The highlight of this part is the love story of a girl from Fai-Fo country waiting for her lover known as a sailor often away from home.

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Returning to Hoi An in the 16th-17th centuries in the context of developing a new economy; the boy was forced to float on the sea to trade goods with foreign merchants. The boy and the girl had to separate from each other even if they loved each other so much. With fidelity to the end, the girl turned herself into stone like a lighthouse glowing in the night after days of waiting, praying, and missing.

The performance uses the art of dance as the main language. Along with the combination of sound and light, poetry and music; river scenery and skillful dances have brought audiences many feelings that they would find hard to forget.

Part 4: Trading Port – Hoi An Memories of cultural interchanging period

The performance is staged in Hoi An Market integrating into the world. Audiences will be experienced the bustling and vibrant atmosphere of one of the busiest trading ports in Southeast Asia in the 16th-19th centuries.

Hoi An Memories Show- Culture Pham Travel

It can be said that “Trading Port” is the main highlight of Hoi An Memories Show. It did not only show the glorious memories of Hoi An Port but also satisfy people with careful preparation in detail. Everything will enable the audience to easily understand the main message that the author wants to convey.

Part 5: “Ao Dai” – The combination of ancient “Hoi An Memories” and modern features

Rare is Hoi An Town which has still preserved almost all the ancient values of hundred years ago despite many ups and downs in history. It makes Hoi An totally different from other towns. Local people from Hoi An have to right to be proud of the priceless values of their town with international friends.

Hoi An Memories Show- Culture Pham Travel

The end of Hoi An Memories Show is the performance of traditional “ao dai” combined with ancient architectural works associated with Hoi An land. In the atmosphere full of lights and sounds, the girls ride their bikes along the light road; weaving through every corner of the Hoi An Town. It would bring the audiences back to modern life – to an ancient Hoi An Town yet dynamic and modern in its own way.

Tips you should know about this fabulous program

Where is Hoi An Memories Show?

The show takes place at Hoi An Impression Theme Park located on an artificial island of Cam Nam in the middle of Thu Bon River. It is quite close to the town, only about 2-3km. You can consider traveling by vehicle or on foot. If you take a taxi from Hoi An Old Town, it will cost about 35,000 VND ($1.5) to get there.

Things to do in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

If you drive by yourself, you should follow Hoang Dieu Street through the town; then cross the bridge to Cam Nam River. After crossing the bridge, turn left at the second crossroads and keep walking until you see the view of the show.

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Time and duration

The show is held every night except for Tuesday. The duration is about 1 hour 15 minutes from 7:30 PM to 20:45 PM.

Hoi An Memories Show Price

There are 3 ticket levels based on seat position in the Hoi An Memories show. It costs around VND 300.000 to VND 450.000/ child (roughly 13 to 19 USD).

The tickets for adults cost VND 600.000 to VND 900.000/ person (roughly USD 23 to USD 39). You either can book the ticket online in advance or you can always buy the ticket in front of the theater entrance.

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