Da Nang Train Station Travel Guide

Da Nang train station- Culture Pham Travel

Da Nang Train Station Introduction

Da Nang train station or Da Nang Railway Station is one of the major stations of Vietnam along the historic North-South “Reunification Line.” Every day, it gets daily arrivals and departures from North and South as well as other train stations as the whole of Vietnam.

Da Nang Railway Station History

As you know, the French-built it in 1902 and it is an important part of Vietnam’s historic North-South Railway Line. With a total length of 1,726 km (1,072 miles) from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh city.

Da Nang train station- Culture Pham Travel

It took 34 years to complete the whole route from 1902 to 1936 but unfortunately, in 1954, it was cut and got heavy damage by bombs during the Vietnam wars. In 1975, when Vietnam got independence, Vietnam’s government began the colossal task of restoring the North and South railway line.

Lich Su Ga Da Nang

Until 1978, the Vietnamese government had fixed 27 tunnels, 158 stations, as well as 1334 bridges. The restoration is not only for the transport but also as a symbol of a nation unified once again.

Where is the Da Nang train station?

Da Nang train station is at the address 791 Hai Phong street, Tam Thuan ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang city. From here, easily you can travel to other famous attractions in Thanh Khe, Hai Chau, Lien Chieu Districts.

Da Nang train station- Culture Pham Travel
Da Nang train station

Not only take the role of transport the passengers to and leave Da Nang city but the Da Nang railway station also the key to develop the economy and society of central Vietnam.

Da Nang train station- Culture Pham Travel
Da Nang Railway

Every day, there are nearly 75,000 passengers travel through Da Nang’s train station. So the local government is considering upgrading the railway system as part of a master plan for 2030.

Da Nang Train Station Map

Actually, it is not hard to find it, the main entrance of the station is at No. 200 Hai Phong street. Getting to this address, you will see a vintage steam train’s engine, a special icon of the Da Nang railway station.

Main Station, Passenger Lounge, and Platforms

Behind the steam train engine is the main train station. Inside the main office, you will see some printing-e-ticket machines as well as some cafeterias.

Da Nang Railway station

After getting the tickets, you will get to the entry gate, there are some ticket checkers will examine and scan your tickets before you enter the passenger lounge that leads to the train station’s platforms.

Da Nang train station- Culture Pham Travel

The station’s platform is a spacious place for passengers can take a break when waiting for the train. Its facility is very well equipped with 200 seats, train arrival and departure times display screen, toilets, etc. When the train comes, they will inform you and what you need to do is to queue up at the central door to get to the train.

Da Nang train station luggage storage

Right next to the ticket office is the luggage office, this is the place where you can store your bags; as well as sending your motorbikes ahead to your destination.

How to get the train tickets?

The train tickets

At your hotel reception or the travel agency

This is an extra service that all the travel agencies, hotels do to make it convenient and easier for tourists. As you know, nowadays, services are available and easy to do. So if you don’t want to handle the hassle of buying the train tickets by yourself, just ask them for help!

At the train station

It’s easy to get the tickets at the Da Nang train station. Inside the main building, to the left is the ticket office. Because there are many people buying tickets so there is a small ticket machine just inside the main door to get the number as your turn number.

You can get the tickets on the same day or in advance. At the ticket counter, station employees will help you choose the proper ticket with departure time, the seat, train class, that meet your travel needs and budget.

Book an e-ticket online

Nowadays, there are some online platforms selling transport tickets including train tickets such as Baolau, 12GoAsia. So easily you can purchase train tickets online. They also offer some options for choosing your train class and train seat from a real-time graphic. Moreover, you can buy the online tickets via Vietnam Railways directly at www.dsvn.vn.

How to get from Da Nang train station to Hoi An?

By Taxi, Grab cars

How to get to Hoi An from Da Nang

There are a lot of taxi brands at the Da Nang railway station and they are always available. But please remember that Taxis in Vietnam are meter taxis so you should ask for the price and make an agreement with the drivers first. To make sure you don’t get scams, the price from Da Nang railway station to Hoi An normally costs around USD 15- USD 20 per car, not per person.

By Local Bus

It is pretty easy to take a local bus from Da Nang to Hoi An. To take the bus, you have to walk to the bus stop at 162 Ong Ich Khiem street, just 10 minutes walk from the Da Nang train station, take the services on the #1 bus route to Hoi An. We highly recommend you use Google Maps to get the direction.

Da Nang train station- Culture Pham Travel

Private Car Transfer

If you would like to relax and don’t want to deal with all the different ways of transport to get to Hoi An; just book the private transfer from Da Nang train station to Hoi An via Culture Pham Travel. With the same price as the taxi, grabs, but our private car transfer is the door-to-door service.

Da Nang train station- Culture Pham Travel

Our friendly driver will be at the train station in advance, waiting for you with a welcome board with your name on it. He will help you carry your luggage; offer you a bottle of water and what you need is to sit back, relax; and enjoy your short ride from Da Nang to Hoi An.

Everything in our private car transfer is affordable and clear with no hidden costs.

No need to deposit, you can pay for the transfer at our driver at the end of the service!

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