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Coronavirus News

Under the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) around the world; we would like to share the latest update on coronavirus Vietnam COVID-19 in Vietnam. In order to bring useful information to our valued customers.

In fact, Coronavirus Has been causing difficulties for many industries, especially tourism right now. So we would like to bring you some valuable information about the destinations we plan to go safely for a week or a month, which will help you move smoothly, peace of mind and complete happiness. blessed.

Coronavirus Vietnam update


Coronavirus Vietnam-Culture Pham Travel
Coronavirus Vietnam-Culture Pham Travel (Course: 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam Wikipedia)

In Vietnam, 39 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded, of which 16 cases (from January 23 to February 13) have been completely cured and discharged to the hospital, the remaining 22 being treated in isolation at medical facilities.

Vietnam is safe to travel and everything is going on fairly normal right now because all the infected people are in the hospital and well treated by doctors. The people involved in contact with them are also found and separated from the community.

With the thoughtful mind that the customer is the first. We always take care of our buses in advance for every trip. Daily car cleaning to ensure that our customer’s health is the number one priority in a great trip.

This is the safe part for both clients, guides and drivers. We also have antibacterial gels and wet tissues for your use. Moreover, the most important thing is that is a private tour of your personal or family. So, All of that brings you very good safety against the coronavirus in Vietnam.

Coronavirus Symptoms

These are the important Coronavirus symptoms that you should know to differ from Coronavirus or normal fever.

Coronavirus Symptoms graphic- Culture Pham Travel
Coronavirus Symptoms graphic- Culture Pham Travel Vietnam

How to protect yourselves against Coronavirus in Vietnam

How to protect yourself against coronavirus- Culture Pham Travel
How to protect yourself against coronavirus

Summary, Vietnam is a very safe destination right now, all public areas like airports and infrastructure are operating as usual.

We will update you on the status of COVID-19 in Vietnam daily. If there are any questions, please contact Culture Pham Travel at any time.

Latest Important Coronavirus Vietnam news update

  • From 0h00 (12h00) 7th March, passengers entering Vietnam from or through EU countries required to fill out medical declaration forms as of March 7th before entering Vietnam.
  • The medical declaration will apply at all border gates and airports
  • If passengers show any signs of cough, fever, shortness of breath, or respiratory disease, medical quarantine measures must be applied
  • The printed form is available for download HERE (scroll down for English)
  • We advise every guest to fill out both the printed and online forms.
  • Medical declaration forms:

Online form: Medical Declaration Form

Down load hard copy:

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