Tam Thanh Mural Village- Art Can Change Life

Tam Thanh Mural Village- Culture Pham Travel


Tam Thanh mural village is an impressive highlight of Quang Nam tourism. Vietnam is a beautiful country with famous and attractive landscapes everywhere. But when it comes to murals, perhaps the only place that is often mentioned and is attracting young people, tourists is Tam Thanh’s mural village.

Tam Thanh Mural Village- Culture Pham Travel

Tam Thanh Mural Village Location

Tam Thanh mural painting village is located in Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. This place is a poor fishing village located by the sea. The walls in this village are painted by the talented hands of Vietnamese and Korean artists.

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There is no denying it anymore, the name Tam Thanh mural village is on the top search of young people recently. Tam Thanh attracts tourists with its unique, creative, and unique beauty. And statistics show that after only the first 4 months of being praised in the press, the number of tourists traveling here is extremely large.

The Contribution of Tam Thanh Murals to the local life

New life for people in the rural village

Through exquisite, unique, and creative murals, Quang Nam’s coastal fishing village appears extremely new and bright, has become a hot destination, attracting a large number of tourists to check in.

Tam Thanh Mural Village- Culture Pham Travel

Since then, Tam Thanh has been changed to put on a beautiful new color, not a poor fishing village by the sea. The paintings combine the beauty of Korean art while imbued with the rustic charm of the South Central region. Colorful paintings bring you back to beautiful childhood memories.

Tam Thanh Mural Village- Culture Pham Travel

The murals made the poor countryside of Tam Thanh seem to be recreated once again. It is like stepping into a new page, where it is filled with the hope of a happy and prosperous life, a bountiful harvest, calm waves, and a safe sea.

A great place to recall the childhood

The rudimentary walls and fences have been replaced with funny drawings and motifs like children’s stories. The small roads in the village also became unusually poetic.

Tam Thanh Mural Village- Culture Pham Travel

The paintings not only create a unique attraction for tourists to visit the village but also make the lives of the people here more gentle and relaxed, different from the dark and sad colors of the past.

What to see at Tam Thanh Mural Village?

Fairytale village with colorful paintings

The main subject of the murals in the village of Tam Thanh, Quang Nam is the depiction of the local daily life, vividly reproduced through careful and meticulous drawings, fresh colors, bright, eye-catching paintings.

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The colorful basket boat path

The Tam Thanh basket boat path is a unique art product, using many vibrant colors to paint the daily scenes of people’s fishing activities on the basket boats. This road is an impressive highlight, attracting visitors to check-in.

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Through the hands of the artists, the drawings appear extremely eye-catching in both the new and old basket boats that have been damaged and faded. The life of the people in the coastal fishing village shows up nicely through the frescoes on the basket boats.

Attractions nearby the Tam Thanh Mural Village

The Tam Thanh village with many beautiful and lively murals is an attractive destination to visit. But because the village is quite small, with a 1-day tour schedule, you will have plenty of time extra. So to maximize the time, Culture Pham Travel highly recommends some attractions nearby the Tam Thanh Mural Village.

Tam Thanh Beach

Located quite close to Tam Thanh mural village, it only takes 5 minutes by motorbike. You can reach Tam Thanh beach and immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, white sand beaches and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

Tam Thanh Mural Village- Culture Pham Travel
Tam Thanh Beach

Vietnamese Heroic mother statue

The monument to Vietnamese heroic mother Nguyen Thi Thu is another famous attraction near the mural village, located on the Cam mountain of Tam Ky city. It is the largest Vietnamese mother monument in Vietnam, taking the prototype from Thu Mother.

Tam Thanh Mural Village- Culture Pham Travel

Heroic Vietnamese mother Nguyen Thi Thu had 9 sons, 1 son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren, all of whom passed away in the resistance wars against the US and France.

Tam Thanh Mural Village Travel Guide

How to get to the Tam Thanh Village?

Tam Thanh mural village is quite close to famous tourist attractions in Quang Nam such as Hoi An ancient town, My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountains Da Nang, etc. Therefore, you can do Tam Thanh Mural Village Tour by using Hoi An private car, Hoi An Private Taxi with English-speaking drivers to have door-to-door service to fully enjoy the beauty of Tam Thanh village.

What you should pay attention

  • Because the weather in Tam Thanh mural village is quite hot, the best time for you to visit this place is early in the morning before 8 am and after 3 pm, which is also the right time for you to hunt great photos here.
  • It is recommended to walk from the beginning to the end of the village to admire all the murals (because the paintings on the wall are not concentrated in one area).
  • It is recommended to read the information about the mural village in advance to be able to have more interesting discoveries.
  • Do not litter indiscriminately in the village. The mural village implemented in addition to the purpose of tourism development also carries the message of environmental protection. So it is necessary to pay attention not to litter.
  • Prepare all necessary items such as sunscreen, hat, sports shoes, or flat sandals to be able to visit all the murals from beginning to the end of the village.

What to eat in the village?

Tam Thanh is a coastal fishing village, so when you come here to visit, surely visitors should not ignore fresh seafood dishes. Along Tam Thanh beach, there are many restaurants serving a variety of delicious seafood dishes such as steamed grouper, grilled scallops with onion fat, fried squid with fish sauce…

The most prominent Tam Thanh specialty is herring salad. Fresh herring is sliced thin, drizzled with lemon juice to cook, seasoned to taste. When eating, you can feel the aroma of rice flour, combined with the delicious crispy taste of the accompanying vegetables.

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