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Where is Huyen Tran Princess Temple?

Huyen Tran Princess Temple has a large space of 28.5 hectares. Located at the foot of Ngu Phong mountain in Ngu Tay village, Thuy An commune (now An Tay ward), Hue City.

Address: 151 Thien Thai, An Tay, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue. The gentle terrain extends from the foot of the mountain to the top; with pine forests around; four sides are the hills and mountains. Standing on the top of the mountain can see a vast space, and in the distance is a whole space of Hue City.


How to visit Princess Temple?

There are many ways to go to Huyen Tran Temple, including taking a grab bike or catching a taxi. To explore more historical sights you should book a Hue city tour 1 day at Culture Pham Travel.

From Hoian to Hue or Hue to Hoian private car, Jeep Tour from Hue to Hoian you can request our driver to stop at Huyen Tran Temple to visit and admire the beautiful cultural complex here.

Huyen Tran Princess biography

Huyen Tran Princess is the daughter of King Tran Nhan Tong and Queen Kham Tu. Over 700 years ago, to keep the promise to give his daughter in marriage to the king of Champa Kingdom. Huyen Tran became Queen Paramesvari in 1306, to get the wedding gift of two provinces of Chau O and Chau Ly (from Quang Tri to Thua Thien Hue province now).

To respect The Princess helped the King expand the country without war and celebration ceremony 700 years Thuan Hoa – Phu Xuan. In 2006, Huyen Tran Temple was built and has been opening officially since 2007.

The gate at Huyen Tran temple-Culture-Pham-Travel
The gate at Huyen Tran temple-Culture-Pham-Travel

Why should we explore Huyen Tran Princess Temple?

Huyen Tran Princess Temple is surrounded by thick pine forest, including some constructions: four high pillars; a large yard; Thai Dich Lake, Huyen Tran Temple; Tran Nhan Tong Temple, Hoa Binh Bell Tower, Buddhist Statue. The space and decoration at this Temple follow Buddhism and Royal architecture.

Huyen Tran Princess temple
Huyen Tran Princess temple

Going through via four high pillars, a large yard paved with Bat Trang brick and fresh lakes on both sides. We will see the main entrance built by 3 gates styles lead to Huyen Tran Temple.

Inside this temple, the visitor can imagine the princess through Princess Bronze statue over 2,37m high built by the hand of artisans of Bronze casting Hue Village. Each item is decorated with proportional mosaic art.

Huyen Tran princess bronze statue
Huyen Tran princess bronze statue

Behind Huyen Tran Princess Temple, it is Tran Nhan Tong temple. Tran Nhan Tong, the father of Huyen Tran Princess is a hero because thanks to him, our country can expand to the south under Tran Dynasty. There are a couple of longest Dragons in Viet Nam (108m long), corresponding 108 steps leading to the Temple and the high of Ngu Phong Mountain (above sea level).

Tran Nhan Tong King Shrine
Tran Nhan Tong King Shrine
Ngu-Phong-Mountains- Culture-Pham-Travel
The beautiful way to Huyen Tran Temple

Climbing up to Ngu Phong Mountain by 246 steps, the visitor can see 1 part of Hue city, especially the sunset. Not only see the landscape but also see Hoa Binh Bell Tower which has 1.6 tons in weight, and 2.16m high. This Bell has also created by artisans of Bronze casting Hue Village (Phuong Duc).

The-Great-bell at-Huyen-Tran-Temple-Culture-Pham-Travel
The-Great-bell at-Huyen-Tran-Temple-Culture-Pham-Travel

Frequently, the Huyen Tran Temple festival which expresses gratitude to Princess Huyen Tran the previous person is organized on the 8th, and 9th of January very lunar calendar. This is a remarkable occasion with many performances shown, traditional craft exhibitions; taking part in traditional games, etc, and it attracts lots of visitors. Hence, visiting the Huyen Tran Princess temple is one of the best things to do in Hue.

Huyen Tran Princess Temple Map

Huyen Tran temple entrance fee

The temple opens from 7 am to 5 pm every day. The tickets cost 30.000VND (roughly $1.5 USD) per adult and are free for children under 6 years old.

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