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Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort


Summer has come, and the weather in Hue is very sunny and hot, so what could be more wonderful than a vacation at Alba Thanh Tan Hue? Thanh Tan Hot Springs Hue, also known as Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs, is a great place to escape the summer sun.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs
If you come to Hue, it will be very convenient if you want to combine going to Alba Hot Springs with participating in the Hue City Tour. In addition, if you want to go to Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort to relax, you can only book a car by clicking Hue to Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs.

Alba Hot Springs Hue History

In 1928, a well-known French doctor named Albert Sallet found this hot spring. Thanh Tan Hot Spring is a super ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the feeling of relaxation and soaking in hot mineral springs with spa treatments that promote wellness.

Alba Thanh Tan

So Alba Hot Springs Resort Hue was created to help people relax and unwind. This is not only a place to relax but it can also be seen as a treatment center to relieve fatigue after many days of work.

Alba Thanh Tan Tickets Price

Some combo tickets for adults and children with different services meet all customers’ needs. So the price is from VND 160,000 to VND 760,000. You can get the best price on special holidays because of some promotions. Remember it; the combo tickets included lunch already.

How To Get To Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Thanh Tan hot springs by fusion is on Provincial Road 11B, at the foot of the Truong Son mountain range, in the territory of Phong Son commune, Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province. This resort is about 30km northwest of Hue City Center. So it will take about 45 minutes to travel 140km from Da Nang city with about 3 hours of travel.

If you come from Da Nang: The total distance from Da Nang to Thanh Tan is 140km. Run on National Highway 1A in the North, come to Hue center and then continue to go to the hot springs.

If starting point from Hue: The distance will be 30km according to the route. From Hue center, follow the road to National Highway 1A, 20km to the North. Turn left at the road crossing An Lo Bridge, and go straight ahead to the Alba Thanh Tan Hue Hot Spring Resort.

Some important notes:

  • You could not bring your food to Thanh Tan Hot Springs.
  • You should bring your swimming suits with you.

Travel To Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Traveling by motorbike:

For young people, especially when traveling in groups and having a hobby of exploring or walking while sightseeing, motorbikes are an excellent choice. The reason is that it helps you take the initiative in your journey, making it freer to move and explore. If you are a tourist and do not have a motorbike, you can rent motorbikes at hotels and car rental shops with prices ranging from 100 to 150 thousand VND/motorbike/day.

Alba Thanh Tan Hue

Traveling by private car or taxi:

This form is suitable for traveling with family, especially older adults and children. This means of transportation is not as economical as riding a motorbike, but it is guaranteed to be safer and more comfortable. Or, for those who want privacy and relaxation, you can book a private car at Culture Pham Travel.

Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Best Time To Go To Thanh Tan Hue Hot Spring

As a province in the central region, Hue has two distinct seasons: the cold rainy season and the dry season. Therefore, you should choose a suitable time to explore Thanh Tan to make your trip the most complete.

Alba Thanh Tân Hot Springs Resort

The ideal time is from March to September every year. At this time, the weather is dry, mostly sunny days.

From October to November in Hue, there are often cold air waves at the beginning of the season. The weather is cool, with not too much rain, ideal for participating in outdoor activities or soaking in hot mineral springs.

Note: You should not go to Thanh Tan Hue Hot Springs in the winter months because the weather will be cold and rainy for many days, it will be difficult for you to bathe in the stream or participate in outdoor entertainment activities.

Price List Of Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort

  • Game: Zipline 80,000 VND/person and Highwire – Discover 120,000 VND/person
  • Highwire – Adventure 210.000 VND/person
  • Child Combo: VND 160,000/person (including the FIT Bath ticket – Highwire Children – Explore the village voucher – 25,000 VND/person with food voucher – 30,000 VND/person)
  • Combo Zipline 180,000 VND/person (including Bath ticket – Fitness Zipline Food Voucher – 30,000 VND/person)
  • Combo Highwire 310.000 VND/person (including admission ticket to the front “Highwire” – Food adventure voucher – 50,000 VND/person)
  • Alba Imprint Combo: 510,000 VND/person
  • Special combo: 760,000 VND/person
  • Soak ticket at Thanh Tan area: 100.000 VND/person, 50,000 VND/person
  • Hotel room price from 500,000 VND/person.

What To Do At Alba Thanh Tan Hot String?

Adventure Game

Thanh Tan Hue Hot Spring Resort has two adventure games, Highwire and Zipline. It was designed and installed by Altus Outdoor Concept in France – A developer of high-altitude adventure games. A well-known French group, Vertic Alps Expertise, has ensured that all equipment meets the highest safety standards.

Zipline: 560m long from Ma Yen mountain and flying at an altitude of 45m above the ground. Going to Thanh Tan without trying to experience the famous game here will be incredibly wasteful. The feeling of “flying” in the air when hanging on a cable that slides from the top of the mountain will excite visitors.


Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs- Culture Pham Travel

Highwire: This adventure consists of 32 challenges with a total of 600m of cables 6m above the ground. Stage 1 is designed for families, while stages 2 and 3 will be upgraded for those who love adventure.

Alba Hot Springs Games

The Hot Springs Area

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs area includes two hot mineral springs and one swimming pool. The first time you come here, you will be surprised by the natural hot spring water flowing from the ground. And the heat can be up to 70 degrees Celsius, enough to cook an egg. You will be highly excited to try a hard-boiled egg after being picked up from a hot spring.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs- Culture Pham Travel

Many scientific studies prove that soaking and bathing in mineral-rich hot springs has many effects. For example, it will help regulate cardiovascular indicators, blood pressure, breathing rate, body temperature and skin reaction.

Alba Hot Springs Hue

Soaking in hot mineral springs is especially good for health and the elderly. This will help the body be provided with nutrients and energy, improve health, and detoxify. As for young people, soaking in hot mineral springs also helps relax muscles, reduce joint stress, and overcome stress and insomnia.

Mineral Mud Bath At Thanh Tan Hot Springs

In addition to the hot mineral spring bath, Thanh Tan Hot Springs also has a mud bath for visitors. Mineral mud baths have many valuable uses for health, especially for the elderly, those who are sedentary, often tired and sluggish.

Mud Bath Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Natural mud’s active ingredients can also stop signs of aging and reduce stress and nerve and joint problems. If you can come to Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs, do not miss the opportunity to use mud bath therapy to strengthen your body and mind.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort

Alba Thanh Tan Resort has a relaxing room system if you want to stay overnight here. The rooms are clean and luxurious, with a total number of 67 rooms with views of the courtyard and lotus lake to create elegant and relaxing feelings.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs- Culture Pham Travel

The Restaurant System

 With large, professional and clean restaurants, Alba Thanh Tan Resort will meet all of your requests about western and Vietnamese foods. The food here will be prepared by a professional chef, bringing the best experience to the customer.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs- Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, in this resort, there are extra services: Karaoke; badminton, volleyball courts; golf cars for sightseeing in the tourist area, exploring the local culture by bicycle; visiting Hibiscus Flower Garden; Organic farms, and Organic Vegetable garden.

Hue farms- Culture Pham Travel

All the information you need to know about Albe Thanh Tan Hot Springs. It will help you have a great trip when coming here. Culture Pham Travel thanks you for reading our blog; we hope you like it.

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