Da Nang Cathedral- The Pink Church Da Nang

Da Nang Cathedral- Culture Pham Travel

Da Nang Cathedral Introduction

Da Nang Cathedral (The Pink Church Da Nang) is the only church built during the French colonial period and also one of the few French architectural constructions remaining in Danang. The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is also known as the Chicken Cathedral becoming a popular tourist attraction. Please join Culture Pham Travel to find out the architectural beauty or uniqueness of this church in Danang’s favourite places.

Da Nang Cathedral- Culture Pham Travel

The Names of the Pink Church Da Nang

Da Nang Cathedral has a lot of names such as Tourane Church (during the French colonial period) or Sacred Heart Church of Jesus. However, local people are familiar with the name of Rooster Church. Because on the roof of the church is a grey chicken statue. The rooster is considered the “mascot” of the church; made of light hollow alloys, covered with a special layer of chemicals.

Da Nang Cathedral- Culture Pham Travel

According to some religious people, the rooster symbol on the church is the weather forecast station. What directions the chicken turns, that direction will be rainy and windy. Maybe, this is the belief of the people in the faith. In fact, because the chicken is high, to prevent the damage from the wind, people had designed it to turn in the direction of the wind.

Pink Church History

Da Nang Cathedral lies on Tran Phu street, close to the Han market area, a famous shopping centre of Da Nang city. The church was built in February 1923 and only a short time later completed the facade (September 1923).

Da Nang Cathedral- Culture Pham Travel

The church was inaugurated and put into use on March 10, 1924. According to the records of the Church and the Vo clan genealogy in the village of Kim Bong – Hoi An, the Da Nang Cathedral was started to build from the overall outline of Priest Vallet. However, many construction contractors “come and go” and the project has not been completed yet.

Da Nang Cathedral- Culture Pham Travel

Finally, in mid-1922, three Vo brothers in Kim Bong village accepted the construction of the church. To complete this work, they mobilized many workers and artisans of Kim Bong village to work from day and night. When the project is completed, the architecture of the church is a combination of Asian culture (Vietnam) and Europe (French).

Come to admire and observe Da Nang Cathedral, you will recognize that unique combination through every detail.

The Pink Church Da Nang Architecture

Da Nang Cathedral is sometimes forgotten by tourists during their trips to Da Nang partly because it is a religiously specific attraction. However, if you are a lover of the beauty of French architecture; you should once come to admire. The Pink Church of Da Nang was built in Gothic style with soaring lines and rhombus-shaped doors; a very popular and typical architecture of the churches in Europe.

Things to do in Da Nang- Culture Pham Travel

Inside the church; there are many pictures and illustrations of God that are decorated according to the culture and art of Western Christian churches. With this layout, although simple, but it creates a solemn and majestic space. Therefore, not only religious people but also non-believers coming here to visit also feel very small under God.

Da Nang Attraction- Culture Pham Travel

Look closer, you’ll see inside the Da Nang Cathedral, splendid high dome. And on vaulted doors with glass frames, you’ll see depictions of typical biblical events. These coloured doors also clearly show the interference or blend of Eastern and Western culture. And the columns running along the church are carved with extremely delicate patterns. Behind the church, a stone cave with the statue of Our Lady was built in the form of Lourdes cave in France, bringing a peaceful feeling to visitors.

Da Nang Cathedral Opening Hours and Mass Times.

So the opening hours of Da Nang Cathedral (Pink Church Da Nang) is from 6 am to 19 pm every day. There is no entrance fee so It is free to visit. Nowadays, the Pink Church Da Nang functions as a lively place of worshipping for 4,000 Catholic believers in Da Nang city. There’s no seat available if you are late for the mass time. Da Nang Cathedral Mass time is at 5:00 am and 5:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday at 5:00 am, 6:30 am and 4:30 pm.

How to get there?

Danang not only has beautiful bridges, romantic tourist areas but also ancient and very unique architectural constructions. Da Nang Cathedral is one of them, an attraction that you should not miss when visiting Danang. If you are in Hue and would like to get to Da Nang, you can book our Hue to Da Nang Private Car with our English speaking driver. If you stay in Da Nang and would like to visit Da Nang’s must-see attractions include Da Nang Cathedral, you should book Da Nang City Tour 1 Day via Culture Pham Travel.

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