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Hanoi, Hai Phong

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Hai Phong, often known as the City of the Red Gulmohar, is Vietnam’s biggest port city in the North and a renowned tourist attraction. If you are in Hanoi and have some spare time, try to visit Hai Phong at least once. The splendor of this location will undoubtedly enchant you. If you’re unsure how to travel to Hai Phong with all the best things, consider Culture Pham Travel’s Hanoi To Hai Phong Limousine – Hanoi Luxury Car.

Hanoi To Hai Phong Limousine

We promise to provide our customers with the best services beyond their imagination. Originally, Hai Phong was a beautiful city with Do Son Beach and Cat Ba Islands combined with our Hanoi To Hai Phong By Limousine; everything is more than that.

In addition to the Hanoi To Hai Phong By Limousine route, you can also visit many other services at Vietnam Limousine. Here, we offer other routes from Hanoi, such as Hanoi To Mai Chai Limousine and Hanoi To Halong Bay Limousine. There are also other services in other provinces, such as Danang Airport To Hoi An Limousine, for you to select.


The distance from Hanoi to Hai Phong is about 130km, and it takes about 2 hours to arrive. You can undoubtedly feel tired if you use some popular means of transport, such as Hanoi to Hai Phong by bus or train.

Because during those 2 hours you have to sit on a hard chair, and the sound of the train or car engine will not make it difficult for you to rest. And when they arrive, all that remains are the exhausted senses.

But if you use our Luxury Car Hanoi To Hai Phong service, you will not regret it. Hanoi to Hai Phong Luxury Car offers you top-notch services, from a high-quality Limousine DCar to a comfortable seat. This is one of the best travel experiences you will ever experience.

Hanoi to Hai Phong Luxury Car

The car we provide in Limousine From Hanoi To Hai Phong service is a new generation Luxury Limousine. It is equipped with a smooth engine and absolute sound insulation. People sitting inside will not hear anything from the outside. Inside the car, there are also soft seats with an automatic massage system to help you relax when sitting in the car.

Hanoi To Hai Phong By Limousine

Additional amenities include a basic English-speaking driver and a mini-bar with full drinks on board. There is also free wifi, which you can use to go online and relax on a great massage chair. It is gonna be a memorable experience for you.

In addition, on this journey, we also support you in stopping at some point that you require. So if you want to go to the bathroom or see a beautiful scene, you can ask the driver to stop to take some pictures.

Some Travel Destinations You May Be Interested In

After we pick you up at your hotel in Hanoi and assist you with your luggage, we will begin the journey from Hanoi To Hai Phong By Luxury Limousine. Along the way, you will pass by many famous places, so if you want, we will stop by for you to visit them.

Enjoy Tea And Mung Bean Cake At Hai Duong City

We will pass through Hai Duong city from Hanoi to Hai Phong By Limousine. This is located in the middle of the route and is famous for mung bean cake.

Hanoi to Hai Phong Luxury Limousine

When we got here, which meant we had already gone halfway, you must have felt a bit bored sitting in the car for more than 1 hour. Therefore, we will stop in Hai Duong city to enjoy the specialty here, Green Bean Cake – Mung Bean Cake with tea or coffee.

The cake is made from the main ingredients are green beans, sugar, salt and a little vanilla. You will feel the sweetness when enjoying this cake, which will be more delicious with coffee or a cup of tea.

Kenh Temple Cave – Hanoi To Hai Phong Limousine

The second place in Hanoi Luxury Car To Hai Phong is a famous communal house, Hang Kenh Temple. This place has long historical value and contains many previous generations’ memorabilia. This community house is decorated with many delicately carved dragons.

Luxury Car From Hanoi To Hai Phong

When you finally reach Hai Phong, that’s when Hanoi to Hai Phong By Luxury Limousine ends. The driver will take you to your requested hotel or homestay in Hai Phong to drop you there.

In addition, the driver will also help you unload your luggage and recheck the car to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. You can then pay the driver and end the ride.

Get To Hai Phong By Limousine From Hanoi

Culture Pham Travel wishes you a wonderful experience with Hanoi To Hai Phong Limousine – Hanoi Luxury Car service. We hope you have a great experience with our service and wish you a wonderful visit to Hai Phong.


  • Door-to-door private Limousine
  • Basic English-speaking driver
  • Bottles of water
  • Tolls, parking fees, gasoline.


  • Personal expenses, tips.

Children’ policies

  • The price is per limousine, not per person.


Group  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
 Price 3,700,000 VND 1,900,000 VND 1,250,000 VND 950,000 VND 750,000 VND 620,000 VND 530,000 VND 460,000 VND
  • Note: Pick-up from Noi Bai airport will charge an extra 100,000 VND.

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