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Sinh Folk Painting Village- Culture Pham Travel

Folk paintings of Sinh village

If the Kinh Bac (The Northern region) is famous for its Dong Ho folk paintings or Hang Trong paintings; the sunny and windy central Vietnam is famous for the paintings of Sinh folk painting village Hue. The paintings of Sinh village not only contain the cultural beauty of ancient villages but also represent the unique culture of the dreamy Hue country; contributing to the diversity and abundance of folk paintings of Vietnam.

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Where is Sinh Painting Village?

Sinh village is called Lai An village, an early-formed village in central Vietnam. Sinh village of Hue is located on the banks of the poetic Huong River; on the other side of the river is the famous Thanh Ha river port during the reign of the Nguyen kings, also known as Pho Lo. Besides, there is Bao Vinh old town– one of the busiest shopping centers under the Nguyen Dynasty.

Nowadays, Sinh village is known as a cultural village; where it still preserves the folk painting profession and famous Sinh village wrestling. Right from its inception, the paintings of Sinh village were no longer purely to serve elegant paintings; but also to meet religious needs. Pictures of Sinh village Hue are also used by people to worship and transform during the ceremony to pray for peace and relief.

What makes the paintings of Sinh Village unique?

According to the artisan, Ky Huu Phuoc, Sinh village paintings have existed for more than 400 years. However, over time, the tradition of making paintings has also been somewhat eroded. But the woodblocks used to print paintings passed down for many years have been lost after the war and it is difficult to find the old woodblocks.

Sinh Folk Painting Village- Culture Pham Travel

The line of paintings in Sinh village of Hue is divided into 3 main categories:

Worshiped paintings: usually depicted a woman wearing a sodom with two servants standing on either side or the kitchen god in a colorful costume.

Object paintings in Sinh village often draw clothes, money, tools for the underworld people such as clothes, money, …

The animal’s paintings are similar to the other 2 types, drawings of poultry, elephants, and 12 zodiac animals to burn for people in the underworld.

Sinh Folk Painting Village- Culture Pham Travel

Materials for making paintings are mainly made entirely of nature, so the characteristics of Sinh village paintings are still handcrafted. The woodblocks are made from jackfruit wood. The paper was taken from Quang Ninh province. After regrouping, they will paint a layer of mother of pearl to keep the color and improve the quality of the paper.

Sinh Folk Painting Village- Culture Pham Travel

The color of the painting is somewhat similar to that of Dong Ho village, also made from natural ingredients such as red from almond leaf juice; black from straw ash, leaf ash, purple from vegetable spinach seeds; mixed with buffalo skin to create glue as raw materials.

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The paintings of Sinh Hue village are only printed with a black version first, so the works created always have a distinctive character. In order to create the masterpieces; the artist needs to be whole-minded and whole-hearted during the drawing process.

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In 2007, Sinh village folk paintings were honored as a cultural heritage of the nation that should be preserved and protected. Recently, the handcraft village tourism service is increasingly developing; creating conditions for these folk paintings to regain an important position in the national cultural life.

Sinh Folk Painting Village- Culture Pham Travel

In particular, the village of Sinh has become a famous tourist destination in Hue; attracting a large number of tourists to visit and learn about the folk culture of the nation.

How to explore this cultural village?

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