Le Jardin D’Amour – Bana Hills Flower Garden’s Paradise

Le Jardin D'Amour Garden-Culture Pham Travel


There are many attractions for you to explore when traveling to Ba Na Hills. One of the most prominent attractions is the brilliant and romantic Le Jardin D’Amour Ba Na Hills flower garden. The Le Jardin D’Amour garden is a paradise of thousands of flowers that is a must-visit attraction in your Danang itinerary. It is nestled within the breathtaking Sunworld Ba Na Hills in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Le Jardin D'Amour Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel
The panoramic view of Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden

Our article unveils the beauty and allure of Le Jardin Damour with its exciting stories. Also provides essential information for you to plan your exploration of this captivating floral paradise.

Let’s enter a world of enchantment at Le Jardin D’amour Flower Garden with Culture Pham Travel! You may be interested in our Hue to Ba Na Hills 1 DayPrivate Golden Bridge Sunrise Tour, and Sunset On Golden Bridge Tour.

Le Jardin D'Amour Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

Le Jardin D’Amour Garden Location

This is one of the famous attractions of the Ba Na Hills complex, located on the top of Chua Mountain – the highest mountain of the Truong Son range. A mountain range in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district. It is about 30 km southwest of Da Nang city center.

Le Jardin D’Amou flower garden, also known as Ba Na flower garden of Love. It is located east of Ba Na mountain with an altitude of 980 m above sea level. Furthermore, Bana Hills is dubbed as the ‘fairy ground on earth’ or ‘the way to heaven’.

Culture Pham Travel
The beautiful view from the Suoi Mo garden

When you stand in this flower garden, you can not only immerse yourself in thousands of colorful flowers, but also admire the unprecedented beauty of the mountains surrounding it. Opening hours are from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

Bana Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

How To Visit The Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens?

Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden does not sell admission tickets. However, it is located in the tourist area of Sun Wolrd Ba Na Hills, so you must buy a cable car ticket to get there.

Ba Na Hills Cable Car-Culture Pham Travel

The Bana Hills cable price will include visiting the flower garden, Debay wine cellar, and so on. Plus, you will be experienced the games at Fantasy Park (except the wax museum). Just like that, you can explore and take photos at Ba Na Hills mountain & resort.

Le Jardin D'amour Bana Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

You can get to Ba Na Hills by motorcycle, car, or tour. However, the best way is to book a Bana Hills Private Tour. This tour included a 2-way cable car ticket and a Bana Hills ticket to visit the Le Jardin D’Amour Garden and other attractions in Ba Na.

Thought Garden-Culture Pham Travel

In addition, there is a buffet lunch at a 4-star restaurant with a 100-dishes menu and has a tour guide, pick up and drop off by car. If you only need to transfer to Banna Hills, let’s refer to our Hue to Ba Na Hills private carDa Nang to Ba Na Hills, and Hoi An to Ba Na Hills by car.

Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

Best Time To Visit Ba Na Hills Flower Garden

Ba Na flower garden is favored by nature for its cool climate. The temperature is always 7-8 degrees lower than in Da Nang city center. Thus, you can visit this beautiful flower garden at any time of the year.

Flower garden in Ba Na Hills-Culture Pham Travel

However, the best time to visit this beautiful flower garden is around March-August. At this time, Ba Na Hills weather is pleasant, the temperature is stable and little rain. This is also the time for the flowers are in full bloom, the grass is green, and the scenery is full of life.

Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

In addition, you can also visit Le Jardin D Amour flower garden in November or December if you do not want to be crowded. This time there are many unique festivals that you can watch.

Why Is Ba Na Hills Flower Garden So Attractive?

It is a French-style flower garden, attracting many tourists, especially nature lovers. Moreover, the average temperature here of only 27 degrees Celsius or less. Therefore, you will feel the cool wind and fresh air at the Bana Hills flower gardens.

Bana Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

Coming here, you will certainly not be able to resist the pristine and beautiful hydrangeas from turquoise, pink, blue, to purple. Purple lavender flowers symbolize luck and harmony – a kind of flower brought from the South of France is also brilliant in the corner of the sky.

Bana Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel
Equally, the petunia flowers and others also show off their colorful colors. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the shy, seductive roses, along with the faithful purple color.

Ba Na Hills Mountain and Resort-Culture Pham Travel
The Bell Peach flower

Moreover, at Le Jardin D’amour flower garden, there is also the Queen Cannon carcass – a flower symbolizing happiness, easy to grow, and lush all year round. There is also Bell Peach Blossom, a rare flower that is hard to find but easy to see in Ba Na.

Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

In particular, it is impossible not to mention the Dutch tulip species with all colors, which are pink, orange, red, and yellow. Everything is like a miniature Europe.

Perhaps for that reason, the people who came here named it the flower garden of love. Also, many tourists have chosen this place to prove their eternal love story and save memorable moments together next to their loved ones.

Bana Hills Flower Festival-Culture Pham Travel

In particular, the Le Jarrdin D’Amour Garden is the venue for Bana Hills flower festival with different themes every spring. At this time, tourists worldwide come to admire the unique designs in the Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden.

Explore 9 Beautiful Flower Gardens At Le Jardin D’amour

Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden was built on a large scale with a total area of 21,000 m2 near the Gautama Buddha statue. It stretches from the east to west slopes of the hill.

Le Jardin D'amour Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

Furthermore, it has a special feature compared to other flower gardens because the species here are grown according to the color and type of flower to form different beautiful shapes.

Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

You can see the overall map of the garden below: A. Suoi Mo garden, B. Eden garden, D. Secret garden, E. garden of Lovers, F. The Vineyard, G. Thought garden, H. Myths garden, I. Memory garden, and K. Sacred garden

Bana Hills Flower Garden map-Culture Pham Travel

Currently, the Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden includes 9 small gardens with 9 different styles and 9 meanings. All nine gardens are extremely elaborate design and picturesque, as if they want to bring visitors good things. 

Suoi Mo Garden (La Rivière De Rêve)

Suoi Mo Garden-Culture Pham Travel

The Suoi Mo Garden is on a gently sloping terrain with a panoramic view of Ba Na hills. The garden is a combination of the romantic purple color of Arapang flowers interspersed with the bright yellow of long yellow daylilies.

Suoi Mo Garden-Culture Pham Travel

The flowers with outstanding colors are cleverly planted on the large steps, creating a very harmonious highlight. Besides, Suoi Mo Garden simulates the landscape of the tourist area with murmuring streams flowing in 4 seasons.

Suoi Mo Garden-Culture Pham Travel
Suoi Mo Garden-Culture Pham Travel

Secret Garden (Le Jardin Des Secrets)

It is also known as the Maze Garden or Mysterious Garden. As its name evokes, this garden has an irresistible appeal and mystery. It is designed with small walkways with tree walls erected leading deep inside, making you feel lost in an occult maze. This is also the garden with the world’s largest total tree wall area.

Secret Garden in Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

In a labyrinth of trees, the Secret Garden is a place to hide and seek the secrets of love, enticement, and temptation. When couples walk into a garden filled with birdsong, they can experience the excitement of discovering one another’s secrets. Plus, the thrill of sharing them out of sight the world.

The Eden Garden (Le Jardin D’Éden)

This is where flowers are exchanged between heaven and earth, where the life of all things originates. The Garden of Eden has a large area, converging all kinds of strange flowers from many different countries worldwide.

Garden of Eden-Culture Pham Travel

In the former, all are planted in separate color patches, forming motifs simulating a bell peach flower – a typical Ba Na tourist area’s symbol.

The Eden Garden-Culture Pham Travel

However, now, the Garden of Eden has a new design with a very beautiful giant peacock. The wing part of the peacock is made up of colorful flowers along with green grasses. Most importantly, this vibrant and beautiful garden is also the ideal place to watch the sunrise and sunset moments.

Eden Garden-Culture Pham Travel
The beautiful sunrise moment at the Eden garden

Thought Garden (Le Jardin Au Vœu)

As one of the 9 impressive gardens of Le Jardin D’Amou Ba Na Hills flower garden, the Thought Garden also creates excitement for many visitors.

Thought Garden-Culture Pham Travel

The garden is designed with the image of an hourglass flowing toward a seemingly endless place. It symbolizes the endless life of this wonderland. Visiting the garden, you will find many new ideas for yourself because here there is a unique and attractive way.

The Memory Garden (Le Jardin de mémories)

Next is the Memory Garden, designed like a water stream. It symbolizes the flow of memories in the time domain associated with the four deities that govern the year’s four seasons.

Memory Garden-Culture Pham Travel
The steps to the Memory garden

Each season brings a beautiful memory of 4 different flower corners that everyone wants to return to once. You will feel the time pass slowly or quickly, or go back to the memory to find the sweet past you have lost.

Garden of Lovers (Le Jardin Des Epoux)

Located in the heart of Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, this place will be charming and fruitful for many couples. For a long time, the French have been regarded to be romantic and gentle. Plus, they always live to the fullest in love and sweet kisses.

Lovers Garden-Culture Pham Travel
The garden at present

That’s what created this romantic garden. This garden is a place for couples in love to make a promise to go to marriage. Besides, married couples will make a promise to stay together for eternal time with their partner.

Garden of love bana hills-Cultutre Pham Travel
The garden in the previous year

Therefore, the lovers’ garden is a favorite attraction for couples. They drop in to take pictures to prove their unwavering love.

Mythology Garden (Le Jardin Historique)

Impress visitors with magnificent white pillars with delicate colorful petals. Everything is cleverly built to make one feel like entering the world of the ancient Greeks.

Methology Garden Bana Hills-Culture Pham Travel

In fact, the mythical garden was inspired by the image of Mount Olympus with the sacred gods on the slopes of Athens. It’s a bit mysterious but equally beautiful.

Methology garden-Culture Pham Travel

Sacred Garden (Le Bois D’amour)

The sacred garden is a place to display the ancient Greek gods, the place where lovers promise endless love. It is designed in the French style, giving visitors a feeling of both intensity and tenderness, like the emotions in love.

The Sacred Garden-Culture Pham Travel

They believe that the gods above will always witness and bless every promise of love. Helping couples who love each other will get married and live happily ever after.

The Vineyard (Le Jardin De Vignes)

The grape garden is associated with Debay’s 100-year-old French cellar. It is the cellar left after the war against the French colonialists ended.

Bana Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

People keep this garden as a souvenir, a beautiful cultural feature of the French. Thus, this is a place where there is only passion and life about grapes; very idyllic and rustic.

The entire garden is very elaborately designed, recreating the vineyard land. Hence, this garden will help visitors feel the beauty of the South of France most authentically.

Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel
Le Jardin D’Amour – a paradise of thousand flowers

In addition, besides the Le Jardin A’amour flower garden, there are also other Ba Na Hills flower gardens, such as the Thien Thai garden, Paradise garden, and Sensory garden. These Ba Na Hills flower gardens are also very beautiful and unique and worth exploring.

Bana Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel
The Sensory garden


In short, Le Jardin D’Amour Ba Na Hills Flower Garden is brilliant with colorful flowers and meanings. As a result, the garden has contributed to Bana Hills being more sparkling and attractive. Those who love flowers and love romance will surely fall in love with this poetic, charming scene. If you travel to Da Nang, remember to add this Le Jardin D’Amour garden to your discovery journey!

Ba Na Hills Flower Garden-Culture Pham Travel

Hopefully, with the above sharing of Culture Pham Travel, you will have the best Da Nang city tour with this beautiful flower garden!

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