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Debay Wine Cellar is one of the special features of the Ba Na Hills Complex. Besides the Golden Bridge, French Village, or Fantasy Park, tourists to Bana Hills don’t want to leave without visiting Debay Wine Cellar.

The exclusive architecture and world-class wines make it a worth-seeing place. Established a century ago, it has the mysterious atmosphere of an ancient wine cellar. This arouses the curiosity of numerous visitors to Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Debay Wine Cellar Da Nang - Culture Pham Travel

What is so special about it? What can visitors see and enjoy in Debay Wine Cellar Ba Na Hills? Culture Pham Travel will give you more details about this unique place!

Debay Wine Cellar Travel Tips

Debay Wine Cellar Location

Address: Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang, Vietnam

Debay Wine Cellar is part of the Bana Hills Complex, located on the top of Chua Mountain. It is 25 kilometers away from the heart of Da Nang City to the west-south.

Da Nang to Ba Na Hills map:

Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort has four main parts, including the mountain’s foot, Ba Na Station, Morin Station, and the mountain’s top. Debay Wine Cellar is located in Ba Na Station. It is the first destination after you reach the mountain by the Suoi Mo-Ba Na cable car.

Chua Mountain Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

How To Get To Debay Wine Cellar?

Although it is on a mountain and quite far from Da Nang city center, the path to Debay Wine Cellar is easy and convenient. There is a wide range of transfer options to Ba Na Hills for you.

If you love to ride by yourself, you can rent a motorbike for the price of 100,000-150,000 VND/day. Or you can take a bus trip in the same price range. Besides, for small groups of 3-5 people, you can choose a taxi ride for 350,000-420,000 VND/way.

Additionally, you may prefer private car transfers, which take care of other things for your trip. You can have a 2-way private car, cable car tickets, and an optional buffet lunch for the price of around 1,150,000 VND.

See our Da Nang to Ba Na Hills by private car for more details. Our private car transfer service is perfect for small and large groups, groups with the elderly and children, or people who prefer a door-to-door, private, and comfortable ride to Ba Na Hills.

Moreover, if you are not in Da Nang, our private car can also pick you up right at your place. Take a look at Hue to Ba Na Hills private car and Hoi An to Ba Na Hills by private car.

Another option for you is to take 1-day Ba Na Hills tours, which are very convenient, safe, and economical. Professional travel agencies can arrange a trip with all the highlights of Ba Na Hills, including Debay Wine Cellar. Plus, you will have a tour guide who knows all about the place to accompany you.

If this option sounds good to you, you should consider our full-day private tours to Ba Na Hills:

Debay Wine Cellar Opening Hours

As a part of the Ba Na Hills Complex, Debay Wine Cellar opens at the same time as other attractions in the whole area.

It is open all days of the week, including weekends, from 08:00 to 17:00.

Best Time To Visit Debay Wine Cellar

Placed on the mountaintop, the temperature in Debay Wine Cellar is always mild, at about 16-20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it’s cool and pleasant all year round. So your visit is not limited to any time due to the weather.

Debay Wine Cellar - Culture Pham Travel

Yet, the busiest time is in the dry seasons (April to October) or the first quarter of the year. During those periods, the weather in Da Nang is more favorable – more sunlight and less rain. So if you want to visit other spots in Ba Na Hills besides Debay Wine Cellar, you should set the visit date during this time.

But if you just want to see the wine cellar, you can go even in the wet seasons. Because the wine cellar is set in the heart of Ba Na Mountain and has a dome, the weather is not a big problem.

Da Nang Debay Wine Cellar - Culture Pham Travel

Debay Wine Cellar Tickets

Since 24/4/2023, Sun World Ba Na Hills has changed the entrance fees for all attractions in the area. Unfortunately, Debay Wine Cellar is not free for visitors anymore. Yet, with such high-quality services, it offers visitors a reasonable price range:

  • Silver package: 100,000 VND/person (entrance fee and one standard drink)
  • Golden package: 200,000 VND/person (entrance fee and one high-end drink)
  • Platinum package: 300,000 VND/person (entrance fee and one platinum drink)

Children under 1,4 meters are free of charge but without drinks. Under-18 visitors are limited to only non-alcohol drinks.

Debay Wine Cellar History

Debay Wine Cellar Da Nang also attracts tourists because of its 100-year longevity. It’s interesting to know about its history so that you can get a better understanding once you actually visit it.

Debay Wine Cellar was established in 1923. It was among the series of constructions made by the French on Ba Na Mountain from 1919 to 1938. During that period, they built villas, post offices, hospitals, and so on to meet the relaxation needs of the French high-ranking officers, businessmen, and some rich Vietnamese.

Debay Wine Cellar Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

At first, they set up this wine cellar to store up many kinds of wine, especially valuable wines delivered from France. The wine cellar was named after Debay the Captain, who discovered Ba Na Mountain for the French governor.

Thanks to its delicate structure and advantageous location for good wines, Debay Wine Cellar was a luxury leisure place for the upper class. The wines stored in the cellar were exclusive to guests at big occasions and opulent parties.

Debay Wine Cellar - Culture Pham Travel

After 1945, when the French left Vietnam, Debay Wine Cellar faded into oblivion. After a long period of exploitation and restoration, it was recovered and came into operation as a tourist attraction.

What Makes Debay Wine Cellar Da Nang Special?

Favorable Location

Located on a mountain’s peak at a height of 1,487 meters above the sea, Debay Wine Cellar Ba Na Hills has a favorable climate. Its mild temperature of 16-20 degrees Celsius makes this place pleasant.

Debay Wine Cellar At Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

You will feel as if four seasons occurred on the same day. It’s chilly and foggy in the morning, sunny at noon, cool in the afternoon, and cold at night. Also, at this high spot, the mountainous landscape appears gorgeous. It gives you a sense of peace that busy cities don’t.

Moreover, this wine cellar was built at a depth of 100 meters inside Chua Mountain. This is a more ideal condition to store wines of high quality. Their flavors are kept intact and become richer with time.

High-quality Wine - Culture Pham Travel

Unique Architecture

Debay Wine Cellar is stunning on the outside and unique on the inside. Its design is imbued with French architectural styles, creating a European vintage construction.

Debay Wine Cellar Architecture - Culture Pham Travel

It is the only wine cellar built on a mountaintop in Vietnam. Debay Wine Cellar Da Nang is different from others because it was built by digging through the mountain instead of digging down.

Ba Na Hills Debay Wine Cellar is 100 meters long, 2,5 meters high, and 2 meters wide. Its walls are made of mountain rocks and a special mortar mixed with molasses and resin from a native plant.

When looking up, you will see a French-style dome ceiling that secures the cellar very well. Thanks to this dome structure, Debay Wine Cellar was rarely ruined by destructive wars in the past.

Debay Wine Cellar At Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

There are 14 wine racks, including 5 big ones and 9 small ones, with special designs. They are created by digging deeply inside the walls, leaving big holes. Back then, each wine rack had a different owner who also owned villas or hotels at Ba Na Mountain.

Big Wine Racks - Culture Pham Travel

Additionally, there are some small cellars to store and distill wines. When visiting Debay Wine Cellar, you can also see a main hall, a vintage fireplace, and a luxury bar counter. These amenities decorate the place and contribute to the experience of visitors.

Now you can come here and enjoy the high-quality wines from those wine racks. Delivered from France, many kinds of wine served here are of top quality. With the old-money architecture of Debay Wine Cellar, it’s perfect to have a flavorful sip of wine.

Bar Debay - Culture Pham Travel

What To Do At Debay Wine Cellar Ba Na Hills?

Admire Debay Wine Cellar Architecture

With the above description, you can somewhat imagine what Debay Wine Cellar looks like. You may not want to miss this noble, luxurious, and vintage space. Even if you are not a fan of wine, you can come here to admire the unique architecture of the old days.

Ba Na Hills Debay Wine Cellar - Culture Pham Travel

Its space has a time-honored structure and deep, calming tones. Visitors will feel as if they were going back to the ancient days and turned into upper-class members. The shimmering lights and faded wooden furniture never fail to impress tourists.

Enjoy Various Kinds Of Wine

Besides having a reputation for valuable French wines, Debay Wine Cellar was also recognized by UNESCO as the oldest wine cellar in Vietnam. As its reputation shows, Debay Wine Cellar Da Nang accommodates the best liquors that wine lovers definitely want a sip.

Debay Wine Cellar At Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

You can not only learn about wines’ history and their health benefits but also enjoy great wines. Their rich tastes give customers an expensive experience of comfort and passion. They are not just wines; they represent an old, lavish lifestyle.

Debay Wine Cellar At Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

Some highly recommended wines you should try are Sauvignon Blanc, Chateau Des Combes, and Chateau Laubes. Those who can’t drink too much alcohol should choose refreshing cocktails right at the bar counter.

Apart from the drink included in the ticket, wine enthusiasts can order other kinds to enjoy more flavors. Or you can purchase some scrumptious bottles as a souvenir.

Debay Bar - Culture Pham Travel

Join Exciting Wine Festivals

If you come here in May, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant wine festival at Debay Wine Cellar Ba Na Hills. This is a big event for wines from many countries, such as France, Spain, Australia, and so on.

Come and enjoy an energetic atmosphere with perfect wines, outdoor buffets, and great dances. With its immense scale and special activities, the wine festival Ba Na Hills promises to give you a memorable experience.

Wine Festival Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

Taste Asian-European Cuisines

Good wines and delicious meals create a perfect combination for culinary connoisseurs. Going up to the second floor, you will enter a restaurant space with various Asian-European dishes.

Debay restaurant’s bestseller is the combo of ostrich kebabs served with fruit wines. It is very popular among tourists. While treating your mouth to delicious food, you can zoom out on the whole scenery of Ba Na flower garden.

Debay Restaurant - Culture Pham Travel

If you get a bit tired after a while of discovering other attractions in Ba Na Hills, this place will give you a good break. A light meal and a refreshing drink will help you recharge!

Nearby Attractions

Le Jardin D’Amou Garden

Why not drop by such a stunning spot like Le Jardin D’Amour Garden before leaving Ba Na Hills? You can easily get there because it is very close to the wine cellar.

Le Jardin D'Amou Garden - Culture Pham Travel

Le Jardin D’Amour, or Garden of Love, is a romantic destination for tourists. Its French-style architecture is very delicate and fancy. It has nine smaller gardens with different stories.

Moreover, there is a wide range of flowers, from tulips, hydrangeas, lavenders, bluewings, and star clusters to petunias. They bloom beautifully in the garden, making Ba Na Hills more colorful and splendid.

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hills

Also located on Chua Mountain, Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hills attracts a large number of tourists. Standing at this pagoda, you can get a breathtaking panorama of the landscape.

Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hills - Culture Pham Travel

At Linh Ung Pagoda, you enter a sacred space with majestic mountains and a vast sky. It gives visitors a sense of peace. If you are looking for a tranquil place away from the busy crowds out there, visit Linh Ung Pagoda and let yourself relax.

Doumer Restaurant Da Nang

If you don’t want to have a meal at Debay Wine Cellar, we recommend another dining option for you – Cafe Doumer Restaurant Ba Na Hills. Set amid the Le Jardin D’Amour Garden, this is an elegant restaurant with a diverse menu of drinks and Asian-European dishes.

It opens from 09:00 to 22:00 every day. Doumer Restaurant prices range from 150,000-500,000VND. It is suitable for both big parties and small family meals.

Doumer Restaurant Da Nang - Culture Pham Travel

Useful Notes For Visitors

  • It’s less busy on weekdays than on weekends, so please mind this when making plans for your trip.
  • If you can’t drink strong wines, a silver ticket with cool cocktails is good enough for you.
  • Visitors under 18 can not drink alcohol, so please choose appropriate drinks.
  • For dry seasons: Although it is not as hot in Ba Na Hills as in other areas of Da Nang, it’s sunny most of the day. So make sure you apply your sun cream and bring hats along to avoid direct sunlight.
  • If you have kids, please keep an eye on them so that they won’t accidentally break the bottles.
  • Please don’t do any harm to the attraction, such as drawing on walls or littering.


Thanks to its unique architecture and world-class wines, Debay Wine Cellar keeps attracting many tourists. Don’t overlook this place when you come to Ba Na Hills. Perhaps you get an unexpected experience!

Culture Pham Travel hopes you get what you are looking for in our article. Thanks for reading!

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