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Hue Imperial City has gained a reputation for its variety of hoary pagodas. One of the most massive, ancient, and outstanding ones is Tu Hieu Pagoda, which is surrounded by mysterious views. In fact, it is so poetic and peaceful that visitors think they are getting lost in a fairyland. The wonderfully tranquil atmosphere and the sound of dial chanting bring peace for travelers.

Tu Hieu pagoda in Hue City

1. Where is Tu Hieu pagoda Hue? 

Situated in Thuy Xuan Commune, from Hue city center about 5 km. Tu Hieu is surrounded by a green pine forest. Thanks to this wonderful location, this beautiful pagoda has been catching the attractions of both domestic and foreign visitors. To be precise, it takes passengers about 5 km via Le Ngo Cat road to reach this holy pagoda from the city center.

2. Why do travelers come to Tu Hieu Pagoda

Normally, on the full moon, people pay a visit to the solemn pagoda to wai, give offerings and say Buddhist chants for lucky wishes. Furthermore, the line of travelers often light the incense sticks and draw a fortune stick at Lunar New Year.

In addition, the perfect location between the high hills enchants teenagers to have a picnic campfire. Regarding adults, meditating is what they occasionally do when visiting Tu Hieu Pagoda.

Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue Imperial City

3. Why does Tu Hieu pagoda Hue attracts tourists?

3.1. Tu hieu pagoda history

In 1843, a monk called Nhat Dinh built An Duong Am to nourish his old mother. It is told that the Venerable Nhat Dinh is a dutiful son, and he always shows high respect for his sick mother. Due to his mum’s illness, he went down the market passing through 5 km away to buy fish for his mom regardless of the gossips and bad reputation of a Buddhist monk. After hearing the hallowing story, Tu Duc, who is famous for his loyalty to mum, gave the title ” Sac Tu Hieu Tu” which means “The dutiful son pagoda”. This explains for the pagoda’s name

3.2. “Eunuch Pagoda”

Tombs at Tu Hieu pagoda in Hue, Viet Nam

Apart from the above story, Tu Hieu Pagoda is well-known for its unique cemetery. In fact, it is the place to bury the imperial eunuchs with approximately 30 graves. As a result, it is often called” “Eunuch Pagoda”

4. What to see in Tu Hieu Pagoda Hue, Vietnam?

The conventional architecture is so unique with Chinese style formation

In front of the pagoda, they worship a Buddha statue, and behind it is an altar to worship the previous principal monks. Opposite the triple gate, there is a 3-storey tower built in 1896 to contain bibles.

People curved the entrance with 2 roofed floors on the dome style. Leading the brick road to the main house is a semi-circle lake with many schools of fish. On sunny days, the lotus lake sends out the fragrance and fish enthusiastically swim, which makes peace for tourists.

Buddha image at Tu Hieu temple
Buddha image at Tu Hieu temple

The Great Hall was built into 3 parts, and it worshiped Buddha, Le Van Duyet, a great mandarin with his horse and sword. On both sides of the courtyard, there are steel houses engraved in the history of Tu Hieu Pagoda.

By the lake, there is a roof pavilion where monks relax or study. Liking to this architecture a zigzag bamboo bridge.

50 m from the Great Hall, there is a cemetery with 30 graves, creating the special characteristic of Pagoda.

Furthermore, Thich Nhat Hanh, the famous principal monk at this monastery for 40 years returned to the pagoda to rest. Besides, the holly Pagoda offers rooms for the Buddhists and guests.

5. Visiting Tu Hieu Pagoda

Because of the ancient relics, tourists can expand their knowledge about culture and history. On a daily basis, Pagoda welcomes all kinds of people to listen to the chanting at 4.30 a.m, 10 a.m, at noon, at 4 p.m or 7 p.m. Therefore, it is perfect for travelers to visit here at this time.

6. Tu Hieu Pagoda Entrance Fee

Because Tu Hieu is a Buddhist monastery in Hue Vietnam so there is no entrance fee for this place. You can visit this pagoda at any time.

7. How to get there?

It takes tourists about 30 minutes to drive from Phu Bai International Airport. What is more, they may get there easily by motorbike, bike or rent a Hue Private car and Hue city tour, 1 day with a strong engine.

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