Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue Imperial City

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1. Introduction to Tu Dam Pagoda

Tu Dam Pagoda in Hue has been one of the well-known temples in Hue City thanks to its long-lasting history, ancient beauty, and unique architecture. In addition, the pagoda also has played a particularly important role in the campaign for a Buddhist revival. This movement is to rediscover the conventional values of Vietnamese Buddhism in the early modern period.

Tu Dam pagoda in Hue city
Tu Dam pagoda in Hue city

2. The History of Tu Dam

Venerable Minh Hoang Tu Dung, a Chinese Zen master in the late seventeenth century, created this ancient pagoda during the reign of Nguyen Phuc Thai. Initially, the pagoda was called Ton Ton meaning taking moral purpose as a guide.

In 1841, during the reign of Thieu Tri (the third king of the Nguyen Dynasty), he renamed it, Tu Dam. From an ancient pagoda, they built as a Buddhist pagoda of the Provincial Assembly of the Buddhist Association. Since the 1920s, the movements have begun to flourish.

Bao Quoc Pagoda- The Buddhist Center of Hue

3. Why it is called Tu Dam?

In fact, Tu Dam means good clouds. The greater significance is that the Buddha is like a great mom and brings the best things for her children. To be simpler, we can understand that Buddha helps enlighten the soul and brings peace to humans.

4. Where is it?

It is located at 1 Su Lieu Quan Street, Truong An Ward, Hue City. The pagoda lies on a low hill. To be specific, the temple faces the Southeast and on the left of the pagoda, there are Linh Quang Pagoda and Phan Boi Chau Temple.

Furthermore, Tu Dam Pagoda is about 2 km from the city center, so tourists can rent a motorbike or take a taxi to visit Tu Dam Pagoda.

5. The architecture of Tu Dam Pagoda

Impressively, Tu Dam Pagoda has a harmonious combination of conventional and modern architecture. Regardless of a number of renovations, the temple retains its ancient style. In reality, like the pagodas in Vietnam, the pagoda has a three-part architecture including the three-gate gate, the main sanctuary, and the Hoi house.

To be accurate, it is easy for travelers to see the three-door gate in the Vietnamese temple. However, the Gate of Tu Dam pagoda is high and wide with an elegant tile roof.

Tu Dam pagoda in Hue
Tu Dam pagoda in Hue

In terms of Tu Dam Pagoda’s architecture, it is a simple decoration and worship. The main hall is decorated with solemnity, with statues of Buddha Shakyamuni on the lotus and two Bodhisattvas Pho Hien and Van Thu on both sides. To the right of the main hall, there is a guesthouse and the Sang room. Going toward the front of the guesthouse, tourists may see a small garden, where there is a bust of a famous doctor.

Tu Dam Pagoda is the oldest temple in Hue

Going inside, travelers will see the image of a large temple yard, paved by flat stones. The main pagoda includes the main street, the main hall, and a house for ancestors. The building in front of the temple was built on a brick-edged foundation, about 1.5m high, the temple roof is following the ancient style to give the temple a higher shape than usual.

It is easy for visitors to see the image of the curved dragon pairs placed symmetrically on the roof and roof of the temple. Under the ancient roof, there are pictures of the Buddha’s relics. In addition, along the pillars, intricately carved long sentences and two empty bell floors appear beautifully.

6. What to see at Tu Dam Pagoda?

 6. 1. Mock Buddha trees

Bodhi Tree - A descendant of the Bodhi tree where Buddha was enlightened
Bodhi Tree (“Bồ Đề”) – A descendant of the Bodhi tree where Buddha was enlightened

Behind the gate, there is a Buddha tree originating from India, where the Buddha enlightens. The tree was extracted from the Buddha tree, which was donated and planted by the president of the Buddhist Studies Association of Karpeies in 1936.

An ancient Buddha tree with hundreds of years of history is so huge that three or four arms cannot fitly hug. In reality, it provides shade into the yard and symbolizes Buddhist vitality.

6. 2. The An Ton Tower

An Tong Tower- Culture Pham Travel
An Tong Tower – Tu dam Pagoda

Distinguishably, the Assembly Hall of the pagoda was built largely with 10 apartments and 2 floors. Tu Dam Pagoda also gains a reputation for the An Ton Tower worshiping seven bronze-cast Buddhas. To be precise, the tower has the shape of an octagonal tower with 7 floors. Interestingly, the more tourists get higher, the smaller the scene that they can enjoy. The higher and higher the smaller.

Coming here, you will enjoy the excellent architecture and landscape of the temple. If you are a Buddhist lover, you cannot miss this wonderful place- Tu Dam Pagoda.

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