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1. Introduction of Hoi An

If you travel to Vietnam, you should visit central Vietnam and if you travel to central Vietnam, you must visit Hoi An. As you know, Hoi An was the biggest international trading port of Vietnam from the 16th century. Moreover, Hoi An was a famous place on the SILK ROAD of the World. Hoi An is also elected to be one of the most romantic cities in the World. In 1998, Unesco has recognized the ancient town of Hoi An as a World Cultural Heritage. Not only special about architecture, the fabulous views, colorful lanterns, friendly people but also the various delicious foods.

2. Top Things To Do In Hoi An Vietnam

As you know, In the 16th century, when Hoi An was the biggest international trading port in the World. There were a lot of merchant ships from many different countries such as Spain, Portugal, Japan, China, Korea who came to Hoi An to do business. Especially the old Chinese and Japanese. To settle down, do business and reduce their homesickness, they built many merchant houses and assembly halls in Hoi An.

There are a lot of interesting things you must do and explore but below is the great recommendation that Culture Pham Travel advice What to do in Hoi An Vietnam.

2.1. Visit the Japanese Covered BridgeThings to do in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

The Japanese Covered Bridge is the symbol of Hoi An Ancient Town from the 16th century. It is one of the 4 covered bridges that still exist in Vietnam and to be the must-visit attraction in Hoi An. Plus, It is beautiful with wonderful architecture as well as the witness of the history of Hoi An.

2.2. Visit the ancient houses in Hoi An

Top Things to do in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

Hoi An was an international trading port of Vietnam and was the second home of old Chinese and Japanese. So to reduce their homesick and to do business, the Japanese and Chinese built a lot of merchant houses following their own architecture. Some beautiful ancient houses in the ancient town you must visit are Tan Ky Old House, Phung Hung ancient house, Duc An old house.

2.3. Explore Hoi An Chinese assembly Halls

Things to do in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

Visit Hoi An Ancient Town, you should not skip visiting Hoi An assembly halls especially Fujian Assembly HallHainan Assembly HallCantonese Assembly Hall, etc. They are not the clubhouses for Chinese businessmen to help each other do business but also the spiritual worshiping places to their gods, goddesses.

2.4. Visit Hoi An market and Hoi An night market

Hoi An Market-Things to do in Hoi an-Culture Pham Travel

In the daytime in Hoi An, not only visiting historical places, you should visit Hoi An Central Market. It is the biggest market in Hoi An and you can find out anything you like there. With the various stuff such as tropical fruits, souvenirs, fish, meats, great local foods as well as the tailor-made shops.

But in the nighttime in Hoi An, Hoi An Night Market is the colorful and bustle area with the beautiful lanterns lighted up and a lot of people. You can buy some special souvenirs for friends and family members here.  Moreover, nearby the Hoi An night market, there are a lot of night bars and restaurants that you can enjoy some local beers and snacks with fantastic views of Hoi An by night.

2.5. Learn how to make lanterns in Hoi An

Making lanterns in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

One of the great experiences that you should learn how to make a Hoi An lantern by yourselves. There are a lot of handicrafts places in Hoi An that they will guide you on how to make and you will keep what you make as a souvenir. Normally, a medium-size lantern costs you about USD 6/ lantern. You can choose your favorite color of lantern because it’s made of bamboo, wood, and covered by silks.

2.6. Enjoy Hoi An street food

Things to do in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

Well, travel to Hoi An, not only visit the historical places; go shopping, make clothes, but also enjoy the local specialties such as the No.1 Banh Mi Sandwich; Quang Noodle Soup; Hoi An Chicken Rice, as well as Ba Le Well BBQ…is a great choice. Hoi An is famous for a lot of must-try street foods. Book a Hoi An Street Food Tour is a wise idea to enjoy all the best foods in Hoi An with Culture Pham Travel.

2.7. Make clothes in Hoi An

Things to do in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

As we mentioned above, Hoi An was a place on the Silk Road so it is very famous for silks and custom tailors. Hoi An silks are famous in the world for their high quality. Custom tailors in Hoi An are stylish, new updated, good quality but very reasonable price. There are about 800 tailor shops in Hoi An and they can make your clothes in a day. So make clothes when travel to Hoi An is the best choice for tourists. Some of the excellent tailor shops in Hoi An are Two Ladies Tailor at 77 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoi An. BeBe Tailor at 07 Hoang Dieu Street, Hoi An. Yaly Couture tailors at 47 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An.

2.8. Join the Cooking Classes

Cooking class - Culture Pham Travel

If you love food and cooking, Join a cooking class in Hoi An is a wonderful activity for you. They will take you to the early morning market to choose fresh ingredients. After that, you will learn how to cook some specialties and enjoy what you just cooked. In the cooking class, you will learn how to cook, compete with each other to become a new local master-chef of Hoi An. Book the Hoi An Cooking Class at Culture Pham Travel is the easiest way to enjoy your time in Hoi An.

2.9. Ride the basket boats in Hoi An.

Basket boats ride

Have you ever heard about the basket boats yet? Travel to Hoi An, you should do Hoi An ancient town and Countryside Tour. With this tour, you will escape the hustle and bustle of city life, have a great chance to ride the basket boat to go fishing with local fishermen. You will learn how to use very simple tools to catch fish; enjoy basket boat dance, do the cooking class as well as enjoy the foot massage from the local people in the real rural of Hoi An.

3. Ride a bike to Tra Que Vegetable Village

Cooking class at Tra Que vegetable village- Hoi an_ Culture Pham Travel

As known as the fresh and clean vegetable village in Hoi An. Tra Que Herb Village is a place where tourists would love to visit. Come here, you will have a chance to become a real farmer. The local farmers will teach you how to plant vegetables by using organic fertilizers. Moreover, you can water the flowers, herbs and learn how to cook some local dishes as well.

4. Go to the beaches.

Beautiful beaches

Not far from the Hoi An city center, just about 8 km to the An Bang Beach and Cua Dai beach. Really beautiful with a long sandy beach,  Nice sunshine, good services, and fresh seafood. At the hotels in Hoi An, there are some bikes that you can borrow for free to cycle to the beaches to enjoy your holiday sunshine.

5. Watching Hoi An Memories Show

One of the top things to do in Hoi An that a lot of tourists don’t want to miss is the world-famous “ Hoi An Memories Show“. It has been known as the largest performance in Vietnam, compared to an Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Hoi An Memories Show- Culture Pham Travel

Visiting this show, you will be invited along a 400-year journey of Hoi An Ancient Town’s development. We are sure that you will find it hard to forget this wonderful experience in Hoi An.

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