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Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

Phat Diem Cathedral Introduction

Known as one of the oldest cathedrals over 130 years old, Phat Diem Cathedral is Vietnam’s most beautiful Catholic church. The founder had to spend more than 30 years building following European architecture.

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

Moreover, the church is the biggest Catholic kingdom in Vietnam. So, how is it different from other cathedrals? Today, Culture Pham Travel would like to introduce to you Phat Diem Cathedral Ninh Binh. Let’s take a look!

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Phat Diem Cathedral Vietnam Travel Guides


The cathedral is located in Đinh Hoa, Kim Son, Ninh Bình Province with an area of up to 22 hectares. These days, the church – Phat Diem Stone Cathedral Ninh Binh,  is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phát Diệm in the North of Vietnam.

Phat Diem Cathedral Opening Hours and Entrance Fee

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

Tourists can get to the cathedral from 9:00 to 17:00. You don’t need to pay any fee to discover the Cathedral because the Phat Diem Cathedral entrance fee is free.

Phat Diem Cathedral Mass Times

  • On Sunday 5:00 – 9:30 – 16:00 · 
  • Daily day: 5:00 – 17:30 – 19:00 

How To Get There?

Moreover, How To Get To Phat Diem Stone Cathedral Ninh Binh? The distance is about 120 kilometers from the South of Ha Noi Capital City. Plus, it is nearly 28 kilometers between Phat Diem Church and Ninh Binh City.

There are several means of transport for you to reach the cathedral like motorbikes, trains, or buses. Most young people are interested in driving motorbikes and admire the beauty of nature on the route.

From Hanoi Capital City, let’s follow Giai Phong Street leading to 1A Highway! Then, you will get to Phu Ly Ha Nam city and Ninh Binh City following next. After that, keep moving 30 kilometers from the South! You will see Phat Diem Stone Cathedral then.

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

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Phat Diem Cathedral History

At the beginning of the 19th century, this area is just a wild and blank ground with a lot of muddies and wild grasses. Till 1928, there was a talented mandatory called Nguyen Cong Tru having a huge reputation in Hue Imperial City. He originated from Hue City and was given a mission to the North of Vietnam.

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

The Phat Diem Church Vietnam was built on Kim Son territory by Tran Luc Phero – the main priest of the church in 1965. He had associated with the church for 35 years to educate humanity and morality citizens here.

Culture Pham Travel

All materials to build the church had the highest quality at that time and most of them are wood. From that on, the church had been called it by the name “The kingdom of Vietnam Catholicism”.

What To Explore?

Phat Diem Church in Ninh Binh is famous for its marvelous and unique architecture. There is a complex of lakes, stone cathedrals, Phuong Dinh Bell House, as well as three different artificial grottoes.

Phuong Dinh Bell House

Known as a masterpiece of the gothic Phat Diem Cathedral, Phuong Dinh is a square house with 3 floors. The area is up to 25 meters in height and 21 meters in width. Phat Diem’s entrance gate is designed according to Tam Quan Gate. It was constructed of green stones with exquisite styles. There are god statues carved on the wall, especially Giesu statues.

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel
Phat Diem Cathedral – Culture Pham Travel

The highest floor has a total of five towers and tourists will see a big 2-ton bell placed in the center tower. Plus, the bell is the 1,9-meter height with the sound reaching 10 kilometers.

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

The four other towers have four gods on the top. If you look at this outstanding building from a far distance, you will realize it seems like a lotus – the integration between the East and the West culture.

The Main Hall

 Culture Pham Travel

Located in the center, the main hall is 74 meters in length and 21 meters in width. It has 4 roofs and 5 entrances carved exquisitely. The main room is a large stone altar showing four-season textures. The roof system specializes in traditional duplicated roof styles. It is a mix of two different Indochina architectures.

Mary’s Heart

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

In the system of five small churches in Phat Diem Cathedral, there is a stone heart called Mary’s Heart. This is the first relic constructed in the Cathedral. With 15 meters in length and 8,5 meters in width, people also call this church by the name: the stone church, and often celebrate the biggest holiday Christmas.

Travel Tips

There are some travel tips for you before getting to the cathedral:

  • You should dress politely and keep order when visiting religious churches.
  • There are some places selling souvenirs in Ninh Binh like Kim Son wine, fried rice, etc. You can buy some to bring it back home.
  • Bring water to drink and some snacks to save energy and discover all the corners of the church.
  • Especially, don’t forget to take photos at the Phat Diem tile-roofed bridge.

Phat Diem Cathedral - Culture Pham Travel

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Culture Pham Travel has just introduced to you Phat Diem Cathedral Church. We hope that you will have the best experience in Phat Diem Stone Cathedral Church and an amazing Ninh Binh tour ever.

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