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Lung Cu Flag Tower is a wonderful tourist attraction for visitors to travel if coming to Ha Giang province. It has been considered an important symbol of the Vietnam national border. Therefore, this place has become a worthy place to travel because it has breathtaking views and paramount significance related to Vietnamese pride historically.

So, let’s explore the attractive Lung Cu Flag Tower with Culture Pham Travel!

lung cu flag tower - culture pham travel

Lung Cu Flag Tower Location

It is located in the northernmost part of Vietnam, Long Cu commune, Dong Van district, and Ha Giang province. Around 500 km from the center of Hanoi and 200 km from Ha Giang City are the locations of Lung Cu Flag Tower. Many youngsters usually come to Lung Cu Flag Tower to check in, or it is suitable for backpackers who want to challenge themselves to explore this position by climbing.

How To Get To Lung Cu Flag Tower?

lung cu flag tower ha giang - culture pham travel

To travel to this famous spot, firstly, you need to get to Ha Giang province. To make sure you have a smooth journey,  you can refer to some following suggestions with the best experience below:

Ha Noi To Ha Giang By Private Car

Visitors can use taxis, local buses, sleeper buses, motorbikes, and so on to transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang. However, the best recommendation is a private car offered by Culture Pham Travel. This is because it is one of the highest quality with an English-speaking driver, most comfortable and flexible, ensuring your privacy, at a suitable price. 

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Ha Giang To Lung Cu Flag Tower

lung cu flag tower - culture pham travel

These days, there are many kinds of means of transportations to get to this famous attraction, such as motorbikes, buses, and cars, and it takes us around 4 hours to come there. While traveling to Lung Cu Flag tower, you can stop to explore Tham Ma Pass, Quan Ba, and the Hmong King’s palace.

Entrance Fee And Operation Hour

You can easily buy the entrance ticket at the counters on the foot of the flagpole. Below are the ticket price for reference:

  • For adults: 25.000 VND/adults.
  • For children below 1.3 meters in height: free.

The ticket price for the top of Lung Cu Flag Tower by electric car:

  • For adult: 15.000 VND/adults.
  • For children under 5 years old: free.

With these entrance tickets, you can spend all day here to enjoy the fullest life toward many activities that we will recommend for you to refer to.

Lung Cu Flag Tower History

Lung Cu was built on the top of Dragon Mountain in 1887 from a height of 1.470 meters above sea level. This Tower is similar to the sacred point of east-north Vietnam and marks the border to protect the country.

This Flag Tower had a height of 33 meters and 54 square meters, this total area representing 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. Around the towering flagpole were a Dong Son bronze drum and eight remarkable green stones, which depict the historical events and process of nation-building and maintaining the country of Vietnam.

lung cu flag tower - culture pham travel

Coming to the Lung Cu Flag Tower, tourists need to climb more than 800 stone steps, divided into three parts. If you want to get to this place faster, you can drive motorbikes to a parking spot, then just climb 283 steps to reach the flag tower. When you are on the top of the Lung Cu Flag, you may witness stunning landscapes and enjoy the feeling of reaching the top of the mountain.

lung cu flag tower - culture pham travel

Things To Do In Lung Cu Flag Tower

At Lung Cu Flag Tower, tourists can capture moments with the flag tower and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful natural scenery with the image of the country in Vietnam as well as the mountains of China nearby.

lung cu flag tower ha giang - culture pham travel

When travelers stand on the Lung Cu flag tower, it also gives them the feeling of pride and excitement because of conquering the peak of a big milestone. Moreover, looking down the mountain, you can see two blue Dragon’s Eye Ponds that are the water source of the Lo Lo and HMong ethnic groups.

lung cu flag tower ha giang city - culture pham travel

Besides, travelers may have the opportunity to admire beautiful buckwheat flowers blooming around Lung Cu in October and November every year, especially witnessing typical beautiful terraced fields that change over time in Ha Giang City.

When you come to this place in June and July, you will be impressed with the catchy and green terraced fields, but in September, these fields change into the yellow color of ripe rice. Therefore, tourists will have gorgeous images with dreamy backgrounds.

lung cu flag tower ha giang - culture pham travel

In addition, you can try special cuisines such as steamed rice rolls with egg, five-color sticky rice, and Thang Co. Besides, travelers may be able to visit some attractions near the Lung flag point.

Best Time To Go To Lung Cu Flag Tower

Following suggestions for visitors to choose their favorite time to visit:

  • January to March: if you are a person who has a passion for immersing flowers, you should choose this time because it is the season of plum, peaches, and yellow mustard blossoms.
  • June to August: almost all tourists choose this time to travel because of the cool atmosphere and golden sunshine in the summer.
  • October to December: during this time, visitors might experience the festival by learning about the unique culture, especially admiring the buckwheat flower season.

lung cu flag tower ha giang - culture pham travel

Attractions Near The Lung Cu Flag Point

Dong Van Old Town

In this old town, you can witness the architecture of hundreds of years that stretches over almost 1 km and more than 40 houses built close together. If you come to Dong Van town on the full moon day (lunar calendar), the town is decorated with colorful lanterns that create mysterious and sparkling images. You can spend 50 minutes from Lung Cu Flag Tower to get to Dong Van Town.

lung cu flag tower - culture pham travel

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark covers almost all limestone. And this place is one common Karst Plateau Geopark of four districts Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Mac of Ha Giang City. This rock is also a well-known spot with the beauty of wild and poetic, like “gray paradise” with the color of cat ears rock lying in the middle of the mountain.

lung cu flag tower - culture pham travel

Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Traveling through Quan Ba heaven gate, travelers might be able to admire the whole picture of Northwest Mountain. Quan Ba Heaven Gate brings a peaceful feeling to tourists with the images of ripe rice and majestic beauty.

lung cu flag tower ha giang - culture pham travel

Sung La Valley

Sung La Valley is considered a fairy place in Ha Giang province, where many flowers bloom in the garden and ancient houses, especially the famous house of Pao. If you have a journey during spring, it is not disappointing to deeply enjoy the tranquility of the villages and the glamorous beauty of pictures of buckwheat flowers.

lung cu flag tower - culture pham travel

Some Notes To Travel To Lung Cu Flag Tower

  • If you come to this place for the first time, you should take a bus to Ha Giang province, then experience the stunning landscapes of Lung Cu and be safer (the road to Ha Giang is quite steep) by motorbike.
  • Remember to bring warm clothes in winter because of the low temperature at night, especially water because you will need it when climbing in this place.
  • Finally, it is convenient to wear sports or climbing shoes while traveling.

lung cu flag tower ha giang city - culture pham travel


In conclusion, this article has introduced tourists to travel to a worthy spot – Lung Cu Flag Tower. If you are passionate about admiring spectacular sceneries, you absolutely cannot ignore Ha Giang City, especially Lung Cu Flag Tower. We hope it provides sufficient information for you to have experience and enjoy the journey. What are you waiting for? Let’s visit Culture Pham private car to book cars right now to travel.

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