Hoi An basket boats at Ba Mau Water Coconut Forest Introduction

Hoi An basket boat is the very common fishing tool at Bay Mau water coconut forest in Cam Thanh village, Hoi An, Vietnam. Nowadays, it is a new interesting activity to do in Hoi An countryside. The reason for its name because in the past, this forest had about 7 acres of free-growing coconuts. So far, the forest has grown up to more than 100 hectares but it still retains the name Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest. Because it is so familiar and dear to Hoi An residents and tourists. Because it is located right in the brackish water area, so it is very suitable for developing water coconut.

Water coconut forest in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel
Water coconut forest in Hoi An- Culture Pham Travel

History of Cam Thanh Water Coconut Forest Village 

Just go along the quiet water, watch the immense green coconut groves, listen to the basket boat driver sing a local folk-songs or immerse yourself in the story of the resistance war through the warm and loving voice of the central people. Into an experience, you never want to end. Thanks to the hidden terrain, Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest has been chosen as a base and associated with the glorious victories of the army – the people of Hoi An in two national resistance wars.

Bay_Mau_coconut_forest- Culture Pham Travel
Bay_Mau_coconut_forest- Culture Pham Travel

How to get to Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest?

There are 2 ways to get to Hoi An basket boat village. From the Hoi An ancient town, you can go here by road or riverway. If you go by boat, start from the pier on Bach Dang street, just near Hoi An market. You will follow the flow of Hoai River down to the East, about 5 kilometers to reach here. If you go by road, you drive alternately along the Tran Phu route; go straight to Nguyen Duy Hieu; see the intersection then turn right to Tran Nhan Tong Street, go about 4km more. Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest has appeared before your eyes.

Hoi An ancient town and countryside
Beautiful Hoi An countryside- Culture Pham Travel

What to do in the village?

Coming to Hoi An basket boat village, visitors will be able to visit the forest on the special basket boats in the Southwestern style. However, the distinctive feature to distinguish this Water Coconut Forest from the western river in the South of Vietnam is that here people do not use means of transportation as common boats but use basket boats.

Hoi An basket boat dance at water coconut forest- Culture Pham Travel
Basket Boat Performance

It comes to the basket boat. Visitors come here when wondering, curious will be the boatman’s explanation of the origin of this boat, when they have been, the reason why people use basket boat instead of the normal boats…The frequency of the questions you ask will be explained. Come here to experience the feeling of riding on this special vehicle and find yourself the answer.
Under the control of supple hands, the boat slowly moved into the depths of the Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest. The tall green coconut palms whispering shadow down the water. On the trip, the basket boatman will pick coconut leaves to make funny natural ornaments such as hats, rings, glasses … extremely lovely for visitors.

Hoi An basket boat ride - Culture Pham Travel
Ride the basket boat by yourself

You can experience the feeling of driving the basket boats along the floating water, below is a flock of fish swimming around, above the green coconut swaying in the wind; or join the “thrilling boat” circus show right on the river.

Moreover, you can book a cooking class to learn how to cook some specialties in Hoi An and you will enjoy what you just cooked as lunch. After that, you will relax to enjoy the special local foot massage from local medicines.

Hoi An Basket Boat – Water Coconut Forest Price

Previously, when visiting the Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest you will be free of charge but starting from December 1, 2017. Hoi An City has decided to approve the plan to sell sightseeing tickets so the Bay Mau Coconut Forest ticket price will is 30,000 VND / ticket/person. When buying tickets, visitors will enjoy the landscape and ecosystem of the coastal estuarine area; visiting the production and display area of traditional coconut and bamboo; watching the demonstration of fishing and many interesting activities. Another is to use the restroom and ensure security and order during your visit. Moreover, if you would like to ride a Hoi An basket boat, it costs 150,000 VND/ boat/ 2 people in 45 minutes.

The best way to enjoy Hoi An Basket Boats and Explore Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Come to Bay Mau water coconut, you will really have a very interesting experience for this trip to the Bay Mau Coconut Forest with what nature brings, with friendly people, you will enjoy when watching people show their talents on the basket boat, small but warm souvenirs, understanding more about the homeland, the country, people of Hoi An in particular and Vietnam in general. Let’s schedule your tin basket boat tour Hoi An (coconut basket boat tour) to discover Water coconut forest Hoi An with Culture Pham Travel immediately and always!


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