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Hanoi Train Track Cafe - Culture Pham Travel

Hanoi Train Track Cafe Introduction

In Hanoi Capital City, there is a famous destination called Hanoi Train Track Cafe. This place often attracts a large number of tourists coming to discover and check in. Known as a factor for tourism development in Hanoi, many people visit here to experience drinking coffee nearby the railway and observe the daily life of locals.

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Today’s article would like to introduce you to Hanoi Train Track Cafe – one of the must-visit places for tourists traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam! You may be interested in our Hanoi tours and Hanoi private cars such as


Train Track Cafe Hanoi is situated on Phung Hung Street, Hang Ma, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi. However, it is more convenient when you stop on Tran Phu Street because there is a parking area for you. Then, you can walk to Phung Hung Street easily.

The History Of Hanoi Train Track Cafe

Hanoi Train Track Cafe has appeared since the French colonial period. At that time, many workers started to build houses near the railway. Until now, this place has become a beautiful small village with ancient coffee shops.

The small village lasts from Long Bien till the end of Le Duan District. Over 30 years, many generations consider this destination as “ a place to come back home” because their life and childhood were associated with this place.

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Especially, cafe Hanoi by train track has soon become a tourist attraction in Hanoi because of its unique scenery. It is truly a cinematic village inside Ha Noi’s capital city.

Plus, Hanoi Train Track Cafe also witnessed several historical milestones in the city particularly, as also in Vietnam generally. In early September 2021, an amount of cafe shops were prohibited and closed for some legal regulations. Also, the major reason is to protect tourists.

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So, people were so panicked by several magazines posting articles with the title: “ Hanoi closes railway cafes thronged by selfie-seeking tourists”. However, they were reopened then and are still a hot spot for tourists and young people now.

How To Get To Hanoi Train Track Cafe?

There are different ways to get to Hanoi Train Track Cafe. You can get there by car, motorbike, take a taxi, or by bus. If you rent a motorbike in the Hanoi city center, let’s follow Ton Duc Thang Street about 900 meters and turn to Kham Thien.

Then, you will see the railway cafe Hanoi next to Phung Hung Street. You can park your motorbikes on Tran Phu Street and walk for minutes to get to the railway. The parking is about 10,000 VND.

Things To Do In Ha Noi Train Track Cafe

Check-in And Admire The Scenery

The first thing you should not miss when you visit Hanoi Train Track Cafe is to take cool photos and check in here. However, to ensure your safety, there is a train schedule hanging on the wall of cafe shops. Let’s pay attention to it to protect yourself!

Hanoi Train Track Cafe - Culture Pham Travel

Normally, trains will run regularly at night and in the early morning, so it is quiet during the day. There will be more train trips on the weekends. So, the best time to visit should be at night and on the weekends.

Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee

When you visit this place, you will have a lot of amazing coffee shops to choose from. Most of them have old styles with an ancient vibe. There are some cafes that you can refer to:

Café 90 Duong Tau – East Gate

The first cafe you can try visiting is Cafe 90 Duong Tau – Cua Dong. It is located at 26C P. Phung Hung, East Gate, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. This is one of the most crowded cafes here. Moreover, the cafe shop has a simple and peaceful vibe.

Hanoi Train Track Cafe - Culture Pham Travel

It is quite small with a few chairs outside. However, the menu is very varied and Café 90 Duong Tau – East Gate is a good location to enjoy the scenery and wait for train journeys passing by.

Cafe San Ga 62 – Phung Hung

Situated at 62 P. Phung Hung, East Gate, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Cafe San Ga 62 – Phung Hung possesses a perfect view near the railway to catch the whole scenery of trains. You even can feel the vibration of trains while they are passing by.

MER café 48 Đường Tàu

MER cafe 48 Duong Tau can be found at 48 P. Phung Hung, East Gate, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. The cafe has an ancient vibe and reminds us of the atmosphere of Hanoi’s 1990s. The shop is beautiful and has good services. This is also an ideal spot to find out about the daily life of locals and the best view of every train.

Hanoi Train Track Cafe - Culture Pham Travel

There are also other cafe shops for you to visit such as Coffee Waitrans 74, 30 Train Coffee, or Hao Hao Coffee – 80 Duong Tau.

Best Time To Visit Hanoi Railway Cafe

You can get here whenever you want if you would like to feel the life and observe the daily activities of locals here. Nevertheless, you should visit the Hanoi Train Track Cafe to have the best photo shots when trains pass by. And you will feel a bit excited to wait for the trains.

Hanoi Train Track Cafe - Culture Pham Travel

Additionally, if you adore shipping a cup of coffee and going to gossip with your friends, the nighttime will be the most suitable. But remember, the trains are only active in the early morning and on the weekends, so let’s consider a convenient time for you!


Hanoi Train Track Cafe is exactly a great place to visit and experience something new in Hanoi. If you have a chance, don’t miss the boat to explore this place! Culture Pham Travel ensures that you will get the best Hanoi City Tour and the most memorable memories ever.

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