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Hanoi Museum of Ethnology - Culture Pham Travel


Besides Hoan Kiem Lake and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi Museum of Ethnology is the gallery that has preserved many cultural and historical values of 54 ethnics of the S-shaped country – Vietnam. Moreover, it is also known as the largest and most exciting museum of ethnology in Vietnam and Hanoi.

Hanoi Museum of Ethnology - Culture Pham Travel
Hanoi Museum of Ethnology – Culture Pham Travel

For those who love experiencing and studying Vietnam’s history, culture, and particular ethnic groups of Vietnam, this place can be known as a golden treasure for them to discover. The article will introduce Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to you to get more Vietnam Museum of Ethnology facts.

Hanoi Museum of Ethnology Location

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology address is on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. It is located about 8 kilometers from the capital center, so it is not far for you to visit this place.

So, how to get to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology? There are a lot of ways for you to reach the museum. For example, tourists can take a taxi, drive a motorbike, or even a bicycle for those who are really into adventure activities.

  • Hanoi Museum of Ethnology map:

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Museum Of Ethnology Hanoi Entrance Fee And Opening Hours 

The hour of operation is from 8:30 to 17:30 every weekday, except Mondays and New Year’s Holiday. If you would like to get more information about the museum, you can call the hotline at (84-4) 7562193 or fax: (84-4) 8360351. Hanoi Museum of Ethnology price for tickets is about 40000 VND per person. This is not expensive and it suits all walks of life.

Interpretation fee

Especially, there is an interpretation service at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology cultural attractions. You can book the interpreter guides in diverse languages like Vietnamese, English, and French. Let’s follow the detailed information below to get the fee for each package:

Culture Pham Travel
Hanoi Museum of Ethnology – Culture Pham Travel
  • In-house interpretation: 50,000 VND (Vietnamese) – 100,000 VND (English or French);
  • Outdoor interpretation: 50,000 VND (Vietnamese);
  • Entire museum: 100,000 VND (Vietnamese).

The History Of The Museum Of Ethnology In Hanoi

Vietnam has a huge reputation as a multicultural country with 54 different ethnic groups. Additionally, each of them owns distinguished features. Because of this abundant diversity, the government decided to build the museum to preserve the cultural values and heritages of these ethnic groups.

On 14 December 1987, the museum’s proposal has been allowed to be built. Till 12 November 1997, the Hanoi Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was officially open after the long process of construction from 1987 to 1995.

Hanoi Museum of Ethnology - Culture Pham Travel
The History Of The Museum Of Ethnology In Hanoi

Ha Duc Linh, a famous architect as well as one of the residents of the Tày ethnic Group, designed the exhibition building. The building was inspired by the Đông Sơn drum.

For interior architecture, there was a French architect called Véronique Dollfus. He gave us a hand to design and be in charge of the museum’s interior part.

In 2013, another Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Hanoi) was built and opened following a kite shape. It significantly concentrates on Southeast Asian ethnology.

What To Explore?

So, what to explore and what to see at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology? There are a lot of interesting things to see and do at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology such as the Trong Dong Building, the outdoor display area, the Water Puppet Show, and the Southeast Asia exhibition area.

Explore Trong Dong Building

The first place you should and have to visit is Trong Dong Building. With an area of up to 25000m2, Trong Dong Building includes two 2-story buildings. The visual of the building follows and is inspired by the bronze drum. This room can be referred to as the typical icon of Vietnamese civilization.

Hanoi Museum of Ethnology - Culture Pham Travel
The unique architecture of the museum

On the first floor, you will see thousands of objects such as over 15,000 artifacts and 42,000 photos. This is truly a huge collection. From these kinds of stuff, you can get to know more deeply about daily life and other ritual activities like funerals or weddings. Besides, there are also several items for each ethnic group.

Hanoi Museum of Ethnology - Culture Pham Travel
Explore Trong Dong Building

This place is truly an ideal spot for foreign tourists because all essential information will be translated into French, English as well as Vietnamese. Especially, the second floor is showed the revolution with different themes over the year to year.

Admire The Outdoor Display Area

Hanoi Museum of Ethnology - Culture Pham Travel
Admire The Outdoor Display Area

Whenever you visit the Hanoi Museum of ethnology, you can take some time to walk around the garden. It is wonderful for you to admire the unique beauty of ethnic groups’ house models such as the Hmong roofed house, Gia Rai’s grave house, and Ede house. Furthermore, if you want, you can visit the Hanoi Museum Of Ethnology Burial House here.

Enjoy Water Puppet Show

For those who love art performances, you already choose the right place. There are a lot of special art performance forms. Tourists can watch water puppet shows here or take part in cultural activities. Also, it is great to participate in folk festivals on weekends.

Culture Pham Travel
Water Puppet Show at the museum

The main theme for the Water Puppet Show is the daily life and activities of ethnic groups. However, tourists need to pay the fee if they would like to watch this show. The ticket price is 90,000 VND/adult and 70,000 VND/child.

Visit The Southeast Asia Exhibition Area

The final place on our list today is the Southeast Asia Exhibition area. Its theme is “A glimpse of Asia and Around the World”. The building has kite-shaped. It is used to display artifacts and images of the culture of Southeast Asia and different countries in the world.

Conclusion: Vietnam Ethnology Museum In Hanoi

We have just introduced to you the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology Hanoi. We hope that our article can provide you with a detailed guide to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology Hanoi.  Culture Pham Travel wishes you the best Hanoi City Tour.

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