Datanla Waterfall In Dalat Vietnam

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Datanla Waterfall Introduction

The nature of the Central Highlands is very generous when bestowing Dalat with beautiful waterfalls. The misty city – where the beauty of Datanla waterfall Da Lat is hidden has attracted all kinds of visitors at the first sight.

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Rated as one of the 10 most attractive tourist attractions in Da Lat, it is also one of the billions of reasons that you should include Datanla waterfall in your upcoming travel schedule.

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Datanla waterfall is not just an ordinary waterfall, but now it has been developed into a famous tourist area. You will admire waterfalls imposing beauty, have fun with waterfalls’ pure water, and especially adventure games. Of course, you will be protected by modern equipment, so feel free to join the challenge.

Where is it?

Located about 5 kilometers from the center, Datanla waterfall Vietnam is located on Highway 20 in Ward 3, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province. The roads on both sides of the pass are green and cool pine forests.

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

From the night market area, you just need to get to Ong Dao bridge and take Tran Quoc Toan road, then Ho Tung Mau street, go straight to Prenn pass.

From here, just need to go about 3 km more to reach the entrance to the tourist area. For more convenience, people can combine with google maps if they are not confident.

If you would like to have a private tour to visit all Dalat highlight attractions as well as Dalat Datanla waterfall, you should book our Dalat City Tour 1 Day or Dalat Private Car via Culture Pham Travel & Transport.

Legends of Datanla Dalat waterfall

Datanla is the place where the hero K’Lang and the mountain girl Hobiang met. Here, Lang fought with wild animals including 2 cobras, 7 wolves, and 2 foxes.

The legends of the ethnic minorities also clearly record that battle: “The trees fell, the wind raged strongly, the fighting took place extremely fiercely.

Taking advantage of the time when the two snakes stuck their tongues out, Lang took a knife to cut off the snake’s two forked tongues and then shot at the wolves and foxes with 9 arrows, causing them to run away …”.

The felled forest creates deep holes, one of which is the abyss of Death at the foot of the waterfall. Since then, the Datanla waterfall is the dating place of couples and later created the legend of the legendary Lang Biang Mountain.

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Another Legend of the locals has it that Datanla is also a waterfall where fairies often went to bathe because of its pure water, covered by many layers of leaves.

Because they did not know that there was water under the leaves, when they discovered the waterfall, the ethnic minorities named it “Da Tam Nha” which means “under the leaves there is water”. Later, when the French and Kinh set foot on this lyrical plateau, the sound changed to Datina and then Datanla.

Things to do at Datanla Waterfall Vietnam

Datanla Waterfall is not only a place with the majestic, poetic beauty of Da Lat but there are adventure games extremely popular with young people. Surely if you have come to this place then you must join the following Datanla waterfall activities such as

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Slide system at Datanla waterfall

The slide system at Datanla waterfall tourist area is the only and longest slide system in Da Lat city. The slide at Datanla has a length of 1,000m with the track designed winding through the mountainsides, ancient forests. The slide also has a sensor brake system to reduce speed for the purpose of ensuring safety between sleds.

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

The slides here are all double sleds for 2 people. There is a handbrake so that you can adjust the speed as you wish. The average speed of these sleds is about 10-20km and the fastest top speed is 40km/h.

Since 2018, at Datanla waterfall resort, another slide system has been put into operation. With a length of 2,400m, this is considered the longest slide in Southeast Asia. With this slide system, visitors will have more options to experience and explore this beautiful tourist destination.

Swinging over Datanla waterfall

If the slide system has a maximum speed of up to 40km/h still can’t meet the need for adventure. Haven’t felt the feeling of “tearing the wind” rushing down the mountain.

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

Then with the game of swinging over the waterfall at Datanla, you will be immersed in the clear, cool water. Streams of water flowed down the mountainside, bouncing down large stones. Throwing white foam into an entire sky, creating an extremely poetic and romantic scene.

Datanla Waterfall Dalat- Culture Pham Travel

With the topography of 7 floors of the majestic and beautiful waterfall at Datanla. Joining the game of swinging over the waterfall will bring you an extremely interesting feeling. Control each step, your own “wired” speed. Or if you are a bit “naughty” you can stop at an appropriate location to take in the view or pose for some stunning photos.

Not only that, go to the bottom of the waterfall right at the abyss of Death. You will be floating on the stream and pushed by the water to another area. If you want to challenge yourself, you can overcome all 7 cascades. It will definitely bring you a lot of great experiences.

Kayaking at Datanla Waterfall Dalat

This is probably one of the most popular adventure games at Datanla waterfall in Dalat. With a cost of 800,000 VND/Person, you will have an interesting experience for yourself. This is also one of the games that are extremely loved by young people who love freedom and exploring nature.

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This is one of the new games put into operation at Datanla waterfall recently. But it has been very popular with many tourists, especially young people, and foreign tourists. The cost of this adventurous rope swing game is 350,000 VND/person.

This game is divided into 6 levels with increasing difficulty. Included in all are 80 different challenges. Includes some fun challenges such as rope walking, rope climbing, or aerial swing.

Out of these 80 challenges, 20 are for the children. The remaining 60 challenges are for adults. Note that the elderly are not suitable to participate in this game!

Travel guides

Datanla Waterfall Dalat Entrance Fee

We update the most detailed and accurate ticket prices at the Datanla waterfall tourist area. This is the latest ticket price in 2022, so visitors can refer to and choose for themselves the games. As well as the services here to be able to get yourself the best experience!

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Admission ticket for adults is 30,000 VND/ person. For children, it is 15,000 VND.

As for those who want to join and experience the longest slide in Southeast Asia to cross the mountains and forests with the wild and poetic beauty typical of Da Lat. The price will be 150,000 VND/ person (round-trip ticket).

There are other games such as ziplining, Kayaking, or an adventure game that is extremely popular with tourists, especially young people. Then please contact directly at the ticket office of Datanla waterfall resort.

Other services at Datanla Waterfall Vietnam

At the Datanla waterfall resort, in addition to the adventure games that we have summarized above. There are a number of other services that are also very popular with tourists.

  • Enjoy delicious and typical dishes at the restaurant area.
  • Buy souvenirs, teas, and specialties of Dalat. The souvenir shop here is highly appreciated for the quality of the products.
  • Dress up with long dresses, kimonos,…

There are also many other games and services. Surely when coming to this place, you will have the best experience on your trip.

Some important notes

The road to Datanla waterfall is relatively easy, convenient in terms of traffic and roads. However, the distance from the center to this place has to go through a pass. There are a few turns that are quite dangerous, especially in the rain, the road is slippery, so you need to be careful!

  • Participating in games must comply with the regulations of the guide staff. Do not arbitrarily unlock seat belts when participating in games.
  • When participating in the slide, it is necessary to adjust the speed accordingly. Ensure a safe distance of at least 25m from the vehicle in front.
  • Do not arbitrarily remove your hands from the slide or spread your arms to the sides.
  • Choose the most appropriate costumes when participating in adventure games. Especially girls should not wear skirts when participating in dangerous swing games.
  • Do not arbitrarily participate in any game without the permission of the guide. Some adventure games require special skills.
  • Observe the regulations on protective gear, do not intentionally unfasten the seat belt without permission.
  • Visitors with a history of heart disease should not participate in the adventure games.
  • Do not enter hazardous areas without staff permission.
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