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1. An Bang Hoi An Introduction

An Bang Beach is a name that should not miss when visiting the ancient city of Hoi An. Quiet as the soul of the people here, like the land of Hoi An ancient town. An Bang beach is referred to as a part of the soul of Hoi An. With fine sand, white ivory, the ideal length of the coast, and the peaceful waves rushing the shore. It is not noisy, abundant, not bustle like other lands have made a typical beach of Hoi An.

2. An Bang Beach Vietnam Location

Hoi An beach


An Bang Beach is a tourist destination in Hoi An, in Cam An ward of the ancient city of Hoi An. Pristine to pure, there is no paring between man-made. An Bang Beach is peaceful, filled with pensive, tranquil looks, in stark contrast to the vibrant and bustling Cua Dai Beach of youthful and modern life.

Only a few kilometers from the city of Hoi An, visitors come here, set foot on the fine white sand, watch the strips of light purple sea flowers grow on the gentle sand. Step down into the clear, fresh blue water. For the soul to relax, gently harmonize with nature, release the sorrow of hustle life.

3. An Bang Beach Map

It is quite easy to get to An Bang beach from Hoi An ancient town. You can get to this beautiful beach via Hai Ba Trung street or Cua Dai street.

4. An Bang Beach Weather

An Bang Beach Vietnam- Culture Pham Travel

Coming to Hoi An tourist destination – An Bang beach. Visitors should go in the early morning to have fun and play all day on the beach and come back to Hoi An city when night falls. Besides, you can also stay in guest houses from simple to modern to admire the sky full of sparkling stars and the sound of the waves on the sand and echoes on the night and the echoes.
An Bang Beach is on the list of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNNGo in 2011, An Bang Beach is known by many domestic and international tourists and became a famous place.

An Bang Beach- Culture Pham Travel

You can catch the sunrise at sea, which is more interesting when you wake up early in a remote place. Step by step lightly on the smooth sand, the morning dew slowly, a little gliding on the coconut leaves, drifting gently into the sand. The sun slowly rose above the surface of the sea, the first warm rays of the morning sun shone. The whole sea seemed to sink in red. At this point, the water is very clear in it which looks like a mirror reflecting the sun. At noon when the sun rises, each golden ray of sunlight shines on the ground, the whole sea makes a sparkling space as you get lost in a treasure full of sparkling gems.

5. An Bang Beach Restaurants

beautiful beach- Culture Pham Travel

There are many seafood restaurants or An Bang beach bars nearby. Walking around An Bang beach Hoi An, visitors will see beautiful small shops, airy space, introvert architecture. You can sit in the bar while sipping food and drinks while watching the sea. The airy space is peaceful and rustic. There are many coconut leaves or palm leaves huts, after bathing you can lie on the cot, hammock to rest and sunbathe.

6. The beach sport

beach sport- Culture Pham Travel

Not only can you swim in the sea, but also when you come here, you can also try adventure games on the sea at An Bang Beach Hoi An such as windsurfing, canoe dragging on the sea, or you can rent canoes or motorbike to go around the shore. Those are indispensable pleasures. Moreover, there are bars on the beach. You will enjoy both having fun and admiring the beautiful scenery right on the beach. These bars are no different from festivals at sea. Quite interesting when sipping a glass of wine, music crashing in the ears…the jubilant atmosphere of excitement.

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